How to Make Your Own Winter Car Survival Kit

How to Make Your Own Winter Car Survival Kit This part of the state averages more than 50 inches of snow every year. That’s a lot of frozen precipitation on the roads here in Plymouth, MN. Our auto shop experts want you to stay safe, so we offer this guide for putting together winter survival kits […]

Do I Need an Engine Block Heater?

You know our Minnesota winters get cold, but did you know the average low in January hovers around 5 degrees Fahrenheit? It’s a chilly statistic, and it’s a good reason to talk to our Bloomington, MN auto service pros about your engine block heater options. Why Install a Block Heater?  Ask an expert mechanic about the advantages […]

5 Tips for Driving Safely on Winter Roads

Winter Driving: Five Road Safety Tips There’s something magic about waking up to a beautiful Minnesota snowfall. That sense of wonder quickly disappears when you remember how much regular driving you have to do. Everyone here in Waite Park, MN takes road safety seriously this time of year, but it’s always smart to review basic […]

Don’t Forget to Install Snow Tires This Winter

You know what to expect when winter settles in, but did you know Minnesota averages 55 inches of snow every year? If you haven’t installed snow tires or don’t think you need them, it’s time to consider how they keep you safer on winter roads. After you get your tires intact, stop by our Shakopee, MN auto […]

The Best Way to Handle a Tire Blowout

You keep an eye on their tread and make sure they’re properly inflated. You even have your car tires routinely checked by the pros at your Minneapolis, MN auto service shop. A blowout is the last thing you expect on the road. Do you know how to handle it safely? Don’t Panic  It takes less than […]

Why It’s Important to Schedule Routine Maintenance for Your Vehicle

You might not name your car and treat it like family, but you don’t want to neglect it either. You need to find a happy middle ground that keeps it in top shape. We can help with maintenance tips from our Forest Lake, MN auto shop. 6 Routines That Keep Your Car on the Road  […]

Scary Sounds Your Car Makes and the Repairs They Signify

When your car hums along making familiar sounds, you barely notice. When the engine, tires, or brakes start to whine, growl, or squeal, you know something is very wrong. These 10 noises are sure signs you need expert car repair. Our master mechanics here in Waite Park are ready to listen. Engine Noises 1. Squeaks and […]

If Your Brakes Fail While Driving, What Do You Do?

As the leading brake repair specialists in Bloomington, MN, we’re frequently asked about brake failure at Kennedy Transmission. The good news is encouraging: It doesn’t happen very often. The bad news is a little surprising: Most people aren’t sure how to handle this driving emergency. What to Do When Your Car Brakes Fail If you’ve never […]

Tips for a Long-Lasting Car Battery

Extending Car Battery Life: 6 Expert Tips  Most car batteries last for at least two years. But with these six master mechanic tips, your battery can keep you on the road as you commute from Apple Valley, MN across the entire metro area for closer to five years. 1. Keep It Secure  Make sure the […]

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