How to Make Your Own Winter Car Survival Kit

How to Make Your Own Winter Car Survival Kit

This part of the state averages more than 50 inches of snow every year. That’s a lot of frozen precipitation on the roads here in Plymouth, MN. Our auto shop experts want you to stay safe, so we offer this guide for putting together winter survival kits for you and your car.

Survival Gear for the Car 

Whether it’s a blinding snowstorm or a blown tire, you want to be ready. Prepare for the unexpected by keeping emergency gear in the trunk. If you’re not familiar with some of these tools or supplies, check with the friendly pros at your auto service center for tips.

  • Emergency reflectors and flares
  • Battery booster cables
  • Large flashlights and extra batteries
  • Heavy tow chain or rope
  • Road salt, cat litter, or sand
  • Folding shovel

A Survival Kit for You 

No one likes to imagine the worst, but winter weather can turn an ordinary drive into a dangerous situation. If you find yourself stranded, you need a survival kit. Keep these items boxed and stored inside the car:

  • Bottled water, energy bars, and snack food
  • Cell phone adapter plug for car lighter
  • Basic first aid kit and personal medications
  • Small candles and matches
  • Spare socks, mittens, hats, and blankets

Winter Road Survival Tips 

Once you’ve put together your toolkit and survival gear, ask yourself an important question: Have you had the car winterized yet? If not, it’s time to visit your local auto service center and make sure the engine and tires are ready for freezing weather. Let’s finish up with tips to follow if you do get stranded:

  • Call for a tow immediately.
  • Make sure the tailpipe is clear before running the engine for warmth.
  • Never leave the engine on for more than 10 minutes at a time.
  • Save battery power by only turning on flashers when you see approaching cars.

Our Auto Shop at Your Service 

We know you do all you can to drive safely through winter weather, and we want to help. From checking the battery to installing snow tires, our expert mechanics do it all. Drop by our Plymouth, MN shop or any of our Kennedy Transmission locations around the state. We’re always at your service.

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