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The cooling system is exactly what it sounds like: A system to keep your vehicle cool. Its main function is to keep your engine from overheating by removing heat from it and dissipating it to the outside air. While that seems simple, the mechanics of it all are much more complicated. There are a lot of different parts that make up the entire cooling system, and we are experts in all of them. Whether you need a new pump, hoses, or just a coolant flush Рwe can fix that!

Your Cooling System: A Basic Breakdown

There’s a lot that goes into keeping your engine from overheating. That’s why it’s important to understand how your cooling system works so you know whether the problem is serious, or just a simple fix. Here’s a breakdown of all the parts within your cooling system and how each one functions:

  • Coolant: Also known as antifreeze, this liquid absorbs heat your engine puts off, all while preventing buildup. Coolant comes in all colors and formulas, so make sure you use a mixture that’s recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer.
  • Radiator: This inlet is filled with tubes and fins that remove heat from the coolant after it passes through the engine.
  • Radiator cap: Maintains the proper amount of pressure within the cooling system. It also has a spring-loaded valve that releases extra pressure if it gets above a certain pressure point.
  • Fan: This draws air through the radiator to help with heat transfer.
  • Hoses: These carry coolant to and from the radiator.
  • Water pump: This drives hot coolant out of the engine and towards the radiator, where it will vaporize into the air.
  • Thermostat: Makes sure the engine maintains a good temperature to function properly. The thermostat is closed when the engine is cold, but opens up and allows coolant from the radiator to circulate once the engine heats up.

Pro Tip: If you’re keeping track of your own coolant, never open the radiator cap or add fluid to your cooling system while it’s still warm. Let it cool overnight¬†since the contents of your system are extremely hot and under incredible pressure.

Maintaining Your Cooling System

There are a number of components to your cooling system, all of which are essential to extending the life and efficiency of your engine. Every single part needs to be maintained and work together to keep your engine from getting too hot.

Make sure you are getting your coolant flushed and refilled as often as your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends, which is typically every 2 to 3 years. There are several other factors that determine how often you should have your coolant flushed, including engine size, climate, mileage, and the type of coolant used. Each time you bring your car or truck into Kennedy Transmission, we will check the level and condition of your coolant to make sure everything is running smoothly.

When it comes to detecting whether there are issues with your cooling system, there are a number of indicators you should be on the lookout for. (NOTE: these may indicate issues other than your battery):

  • Overheating
  • Poor gas mileage
  • Nonworking heater
  • “Sweet” antifreeze smell
  • Frequent need to add fluid
  • Whistling or hissing sound underneath the hood
  • Cracked or frayed belts
  • Light indicator on dashboard

Pro Tip: If you notice even the smallest issue with your cooling system, have it checked out immediately. Ignoring one simple fix could lead to complete engine failure, costing you time and money.

We Can Fix That!

The mechanics at our auto service center are both certified and trained to quickly diagnose your vehicle’s cooling system and repair it at an affordable and reasonable cost. The cooling system in your car or truck plays a big role in your engine’s longevity and your vehicle’s overall dependability. Before we get to work, we will give you a cost repair estimate so there are no surprises when you pick up your vehicle. Schedule an appointment at a Kennedy Transmission near you!

Services | Cooling Systems

  • Coolant Change (Flush)
  • Coolant Filter
  • Coolant Pump
  • Coolant
  • Reservoir Tank
  • Water Pump Repair & Service
  • Coolant
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Coolant Thermostat
  • Cooling Fan Repair
  • Heater Core Flush
  • Heater Core Leaks
  • Heater Core Repair
  • Heater Hose
  • High Performance Radiators

  • Radiator Cap

  • Radiator Coolant

  • Radiator Cooling Fan

  • Radiator Hoses

  • Radiator Leaks

  • Radiator Pumps

  • Radiator Repair

  • Radiator Thermostat

  • Water Pump Belt

  • Water Pump Gaskets

  • Water Pump Hose

  • Water Pump Leaks

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