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What is a Differential?

The differential is a part of your vehicle’s drivetrain—the part of your vehicle that works together with the engine to get your wheels moving. It works alongside your vehicle’s transmission and enables your left and right wheels to turn at different speeds when making turns. The differential sits between two wheels and is attached to each wheel by an axle shaft.

Common symptoms of differential problems include a whirring noise while you are decelerating, gear whining, and rumbling or whirring noises when you are going over 20 miles per hour. Your local Kennedy Transmission shop can identify your differential problem and fix it! Outlined below are common ways we can fix your differential issues.

Types of Differential Repairs

  • Differential Diagnosis: If we suspect there might be a problem with the differential in your car or truck, one of our professionally trained and certified technicians will perform a complete differential diagnosis. That includes checking the fluids, ensuring the pistons and gears are in good shape, and test driving it to look for signs of where the problem is.
  • Differential Fluid: The fluid in your vehicle’s differential plays a vital role in keeping the ring gear, pinion gears, and axle bearings lubricated and cooled. The technicians at our transmission shops recommend changing your differential fluid every 15,000 to 30,000 miles for preventative maintenance.
  • Differential Rebuild: Kennedy Transmission Brake & Auto Service is a leader for complete automotive differential rebuild service. During the rebuilding of your differential, all parts are carefully inspected and replaced if necessary. We use only the finest quality parts and components – which brings us to our next point.

We can fix that!

Kennedy Transmission Brake & Auto Service is the number one destination for all your automotive differential parts. Our shop keeps a wide range of differential parts in stock for both foreign and domestic vehicles, so you’re not waiting days just for parts to come in. Find a shop near you today!

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