Automotive Services

Automotive Services

You have a car problem, we have a solution. For over 61 years we’ve been your transmission specialists – and now we are so much more! From brakes to batteries and electrical to exhaust, our expertly-trained technicians solve your total car care needs. No matter if your car comes equipped with sophisticated computer systems, or remains a classic through the ages, you’ll leave here satisfied and road ready.

Check out all of the services we provide, then contact your local shop to schedule a diagnosis today!

Transmission Service & Repair

Transmission is in our name – but that’s not what makes us expert transmission guys. Transmissions are easily one of the most complicated pieces of machinery inside a vehicle. Kennedy offers diagnoses, fluid & filter replacements, transmission adjustments, and more. Check out all our transmission services.

Clutch Service & Repair

Your vehicle’s clutch works hard to make sure the engine and wheels are working as a team. So if your clutch isn’t functioning, it’s time to get it checked out. Here at Kennedy, we offer clutch installation, clutch adjustment, and clutch replacement. Learn more about your vehicle’s clutch and the services we offer.

Battery, Charging & Starting Systems

The battery, starting and charging systems in your car or truck play pivotal roles in ensuring the dependable operation of your vehicle while driving. If you’re having issues with any of these systems, we’ll be glad to fix it for you. Find out all the ways we can work for you.

Brake Repair

Knowing the condition of your brakes and when they need to be replaced next will not only keep you safe, but will save you money in the long run. Learn more about the brake repair services Kennedy Transmission offers.

Differential Service & Repair

Your vehicle’s differential plays a huge role in making sure everything is running smoothly when you’re on the road. We provide differential diagnosis, fluid change, and rebuild. Learn more about your vehicle’s differential and what we can do for it.

Drivetrain Service & Repair

Your vehicle’s drivetrain connects the wheel system to parts of your vehicle that produce power. If you’re hearing strange noises while accelerating or reaching certain speeds, it may be because of a drivetrain issue. Find out more about your drivetrain and how we can help.

Suspension & Steering

The suspension in your car or truck is an intricately networked series of cooperating parts that are intended to provide an even, stable, and smooth ride. Learn more about your vehicle’s suspension and steering and the services we offer.

Engine Repair

The engine is the heart of your vehicle. From overhauls to tune ups, troubleshooting, timing adjustments, rebuild, replacements, and everything in between, Kennedy Transmission has you covered. Educate yourself on the engine in your car, and how we can help keep it in great shape.

Electrical System Repair

The auto electrical system operates a wide range of components in your vehicle, including the wiring and circuits, mirrors and windows, antilock brakes, among many others. Learn more about your car or truck’s electrical system as well as our services.

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