Don’t Forget to Install Snow Tires This Winter

You know what to expect when winter settles in, but did you know Minnesota averages 55 inches of snow every year? If you haven’t installed snow tires or don’t think you need them, it’s time to consider how they keep you safer on winter roads. After you get your tires intact, stop by our Shakopee, MN auto service center to take care of brake, steering, and other maintenance before hitting the road during harsher weather conditions.

Snow Tires and Road Safety 

It’s all about control. Snow tires are designed to handle extreme road conditions, whether you’re driving in town or on the highway. The tires outperform all-season models by making it easier and safer to navigate snow, freezing rain, slush, and ice. You’re in control because snow tires don’t lose pliability or traction when temperatures plummet.

Why and How They Work 

It’s all about compounds and treads. Snow tires are made with a soft rubber compound that stays flexile even when temperatures dip below freezing. This helps the tires conform to icy or snow-covered roads and makes it easier to handle dangerous conditions.

Snow tires feature wide treads that efficiently channel out water, snow, and ice as you drive. They also have deep sipes in the treads that improve grip and minimize hydroplaning. Overall, snow tires keep you safer on icy roads with 25 to 50 percent more traction than regular tires.

Smart Snow Tire Tips

  • Always install snow tires as a set of four. Leaving all-season tires on the front or back of the car compromises balance and traction, which can result in a loss of control.
  • Check snow tire pressure often. Every 10-degree drop on the thermometer can vary tire inflation by one psi.
  • Make sure all valve caps are secure and in good shape. Otherwise, moisture can get inside the valve, freeze and cause damage that results in tire deflation.
  • Look for the snowflake and mountain symbol. This stamp on a snow tire’s sidewall means the tire meets established standards for performance in extreme conditions.
  • Install snow tires early in the season so that bad weather doesn’t catch you off guard on the road.

If Your Car Could Talk

If your car could talk, it would remind you about the importance of winter road safety and planning a quick trip to our Shakopee, MN shop. From repairing transmission to winterizing engines, you can depend on Kennedy Transmission for expert auto service at any of our seven locations across the state.

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