The Best Way to Handle a Tire Blowout

You keep an eye on their tread and make sure they’re properly inflated. You even have your car tires routinely checked by the pros at your Minneapolis, MN auto service shop. A blowout is the last thing you expect on the road. Do you know how to handle it safely?

Don’t Panic 

It takes less than a quarter of a second for a tire to blow and start flapping against the road. As the blowout pulls the car to one side, you want to stay calm.

  • Don’t risk a spinout by slamming on the brakes.
  • Grip the steering wheel firmly with both hands.
  • Gently steer to counter the pull of the blown tire.
  • Continue driving straight ahead without distractions.

Stay in Control 

Don’t try to get off the road immediately. You want to slowly stabilize the car’s momentum and balance before changing course. Otherwise, you risk the car overreacting to steering and braking.

  • Use just enough acceleration to counter the slowdown.
  • Keep your foot on the gas pedal as the car regains balance.
  • Slowly ease off the gas, then brake very lightly.

Pull Over Safely 

As the car slows down, begin scanning the shoulder for a safe place to pull over. If you have to change lanes, keep an eye on traffic around and behind you.

  • Engage your turn signal, and slowly ease the car onto the shoulder.
  • Park as far off the road as possible, and turn on your hazard lights.
  • Check oncoming traffic before getting out of the car.

Know Your Limits 

If you’re not sure about how to change a flat, follow the directions in your owner’s manual. This type of tire repair is only meant for emergencies. The spare isn’t designed to handle long distances or high speeds.

Be very careful about changing a blown tire on a car side facing traffic. Don’t risk your personal safety trying to do the work along a busy road. Instead, call an auto service that can tow your car to a safer area.

You Can Always Count on Us 

If you’d like more tips about handling problems on the road or you need expert tire repair, give us a call. Our auto service specialists are here for you at our Minneapolis, MN shop and six other locations around the state. When you need help on or off the road, you can count on Kennedy Transmission.

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