Why It’s Important to Schedule Routine Maintenance for Your Vehicle

You might not name your car and treat it like family, but you don’t want to neglect it either. You need to find a happy middle ground that keeps it in top shape. We can help with maintenance tips from our Forest Lake, MN auto shop.

6 Routines That Keep Your Car on the Road 

If you’re comfortable under the hood, several of these maintenance routines are DIY jobs. Always check your owner’s manual for details about mileage and upkeep.

1. Change the Oil 

This is one of your most important auto maintenance routines. If you put a lot of miles on the car, change the oil more often than recommended. It’s a messy job, so you might want to leave it to your auto shop pros. Here is how you can find out if your oil needs to be changed.

2. Change the Air Filter 

Change out the car’s air filter once or twice a year. This simple routine keeps dirt and pollution out of the engine. A clean air filter reduces contaminant build-up that negatively impacts your car’s fuel-air mix.

3. Check Important Fluids 

The list isn’t short: Critical automotive fluids include brake, transmission, and power steering fluids, as well as AC and radiator coolants. It’s usually easier to let a car care expert handle fluid maintenance checks.

4. Clean the Battery 

Regularly check the battery for signs of corrosion on contacts. Use a battery terminal cleaner to remove the build-up, and be sure to carefully follow directions for product use and personal safety.

5. Inspect Belts and Hoses 

This is another car maintenance routine that belongs in the hands of your local auto shop. Regular inspections identify wear and head off problems in radiator and coolant hoses, timing belts, and serpentine belts.

6. Check Tire Condition 

Routinely check tires for proper inflation. You’ll find details about your car’s recommended tire pressure in your owner’s manual or on the sticker attached to the inside of the driver’s door. Test tread by inserting a penny in a tread groove. Make sure Lincoln’s upside-down profile faces you. If you can see his entire head, you need new tires. You can find everything you need to know about your tires here.

Let Us Do the Work 

When you can’t find time for DIY vehicle maintenance, don’t worry. Let our auto care specialists do the work at our Forest Lake, MN shop or one of our six other convenient locations across the Twin Cities region. Here at Kennedy Transmission, Brake, and Auto, we’re always ready to help. If you are interested in reading more automotive checklists, click here, or if you want to know more about our services and repairs, click here!

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