Does My Car Need an Oil Change?

An oil change has always been a basic part of auto maintenance. It should be a simple job, but today’s cars can make it seem complicated. If you’re not sure about the details, our Minneapolis, MN, auto experts can help.

Reference Your Owner’s Manual

That little handbook in the glove box is full of information about vehicle maintenance for your make and model. Use it as your first reference point. Today’s high-quality oils can keep a car on the road for thousands of miles, but your owner’s manual covers specifications that apply to your vehicle.

Consider How You Drive

Think about your driving habits and the road conditions you encounter most often. Even if you don’t drive very often, the car needs an oil change at least twice a year. Consider changing it more often if:

  • stop-and-go traffic is part of your routine at least five days a week.
  • you drive long distances through hot summers and freezing winters.
  • your vehicle hauls heavy loads on a regular basis.
  • you rarely drive the car farther than 5 miles per trip.

Look Under the Hood

Checking the engine’s oil level once a month is smart vehicle maintenance. It’s also a chance to inspect the fluid and confirm its condition. If you notice these common trouble signs, schedule an oil change right away.

  • Oil with a milky appearance
  • Particles suspended in the fluid
  • Unpleasant odors or a burnt smell

Check Before You Change

If you change the oil yourself, look at the owner’s manual one more time. Most new cars require a synthetic blend while older models run with regular oil. Your manual will recommend the correct oil type and weight.

Ask Your Auto Shop Pro

Sometimes, it’s better to check with a certified mechanic. An auto repair pro can fill you in on details specific to your car. He or she can recommend a vehicle maintenance schedule that includes changing the oil and checking the car from engine to exhaust pipe. This type of attention is especially important if your vehicle is still under warranty.

We Can Answer All Your Questions

Here at Kennedy Transmission, we’re always ready to answer your questions. It’s our job to help you stay on the road, and we enjoy doing it every day. Just stop by our Minneapolis, MN, shop or any of our seven locations across the state.

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