8 Ways To Deck Your Car for the Holidays

A white hatchback’s trunk is full of wrapped gifts, a Christmas tree, and holiday decorations.

Celebrate the holiday season by adding seasonal decorations to your car! From taillights to headlights, there are endless possibilities for holiday car décor. Want to join the holiday fun but don’t know where to begin? We have you covered with safe and unique ideas for car decorations this winter.

While you’re decking your car out with all kinds of holiday flair, remember to winterize it to make holiday travel safe. Kennedy Transmission can help ensure your vehicle is ready for winter’s snow, ice, and cold.

4 Car Exterior Decoration Ideas

Decorating the outside of your vehicle is the best way to share your holiday joy with other drivers. Here are some of our favorite car decoration ideas for the exterior of your vehicle.

1. Car Markers or Decals

A low-cost way to decorate your vehicle’s exterior is to use window markers. You could paint winter elements like falling snow or snowmen on your vehicle’s windows. Consider drawing a Christmas tree with lights and ornaments, a menorah, or a Kwanzaa unity cup to add holiday flair to your car. You could also include phrases like “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Hanukkah,” or “Blessed Kwanza” if drawing isn’t your cup of tea.

Buying a magnetic decal or sticker decal is another easy way to decorate your vehicle, and plenty of options are available online. For safe travel, keep all viewpoints unobstructed by your decorations.

2. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Ride

Another popular holiday car decoration is reindeer antlers and a red nose. These are safe decorations for your vehicle as the antlers usually magnetically attach to your car window and the noses often come with a twist tie that you fasten to your grill. While these may not be the most durable decorations for inclement winter weather, they make cute editions to any vehicle!

3. Festive Garland or Wreath

The front grill of a large van decorated with a green wreath adorned with a red and white bow.

You can attach a string of garland to your vehicle using zip ties or holiday ribbons. If you have luggage racks on the top of your vehicle, you can wrap the garland around those. If not, attach it to your grill, but ensure it isn’t completely blocked. If you’re uncomfortable with garland on your grill, you can wrap it around the ceiling handles in your car.

One of the most popular and traditional car decorations is a wreath attached to a vehicle’s grill. There are so many unique wreaths that can add personal flair to your car. If you want to be confident the wreath will make it through the winter, get a waterproof one. You should attach it with zip ties for easy removal and secure placement. You can even add a wreath and some garland to your car!

4. Lights

While a car decked in lights is unsafe for road travel, you can coat your entire vehicle in lights if you plan to park it for a long time. You could even get lights that flash and dance to light up your driveway for additional home décor flare.

4 Car Interior Decoration Ideas

The exterior of your car isn’t the only thing you can decorate. Decorating your car’s interior will make it more festive for you and any guests you shuttle around this holiday season. The auto repair experts at Kennedy Transmission have compiled four ideas to inspire your holiday decorating.

1. Dashboard Characters and Vent Decorations

A cute detail you can add to your dash is a solar-powered dashboard character. From Frosty to Santa and Rudolph, you’ll find an array of characters to watch bob back and forth on your dashboard. As you jam to your favorite Christmas tunes, your characters will dance with you!

You can also insert decorative clips into your vents. Get Santa carrying his bag of toys, Christmas bells, a menorah, presents, or a dreidel to decorate your vents for the holidays. Most packs range from two to eight vent decorations.

2. Rearview Mirror Decor

Your rearview mirror is prime real estate for holiday decorations. There are endless options to hang from your rearview mirror. You can make decorations with string, tinsel, or ribbons. If you aren’t feeling crafty, Christmas tree ornaments will work for your rearview mirror. Hang a glittery snowflake, a sprig of evergreen or mistletoe, Santa and his sleigh, or even an adorable snowman from your mirror.

Whatever you hang, make sure it does not obstruct your view out of your windshield or pull too much on your rearview mirror.

3. Sweater Seat Warmers

Make a game of purchasing ugly sweaters to put on the front seats of your car. Simply slide the sweaters over the front two seats of your car and tie the sleeves in a knot on the back. To keep the sweaters from sliding around while people get in and out of your vehicle, you can tuck the bottom of them into the seat cushion. To complete the look, you can even top them off with a matching hat.

4. Celebrate Grinchmas

A way to get giggles from other drivers or even your passengers is to drive with an inflatable Grinch in your passenger seat. This is the best decoration for those who don’t want to go all out for the holidays, feel some of the Grinch’s spirit during the holiday season, or enjoy a laugh. You can even put him in the yard once you’ve driven him around for a while or have gotten to your holiday destination!

Winterize Your Car With Kennedy Transmission

A silver sedan is parked on a snowy road in the winter.

Here at Kennedy Transmission, we want to make sure your vehicle is ready for holiday travel, so we’ve put together this winter readiness checklist:

  • Make certain tires are at the appropriate pressure and have plenty of tread.
  • Have a complete service of your vehicle before winter begins.
  • Install winter wipers and keep windshield wiper fluid full.
  • Pack an emergency kit (see the National Weather Services’ list of items here).
  • Keep an ice scraper, snow brush, and snow shovel in your trunk.
  • Ensure your car has at least half a tank at all times.

The winter is a great time to decorate your car and share holiday cheer with other drivers. Be creative if you decorate your car and use one or more of these ideas to help make your vehicle stand out in a parking lot. In case of winter car problems, Kennedy Transmission is here to help!

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