Scary Sounds Your Car Makes and the Repairs They Signify

When your car hums along making familiar sounds, you barely notice. When the engine, tires, or brakes start to whine, growl, or squeal, you know something is very wrong. These 10 noises are sure signs you need expert car repair. Our master mechanics here in Waite Park are ready to listen.

Engine Noises

1. Squeaks and Whines: These sounds from the engine usually indicate a timing belt problem. Either it’s wearing out or a belt pulley needs tightening.

2. Knocks and Pings: A bad fuel injector, faulty fuel filter, cracked distributor cap, and damaged spark plugs are all suspects when the engine knocks and pings.

3. Popping Sounds: This type of noise under the hood is often caused by a dirty air filter. It can also be the result of corroded spark plugs or bad spark plug wires.

Tire and Brake Noises

4. Humming and Growling: If you hear this deep sound while driving down the highway, get the tires inspected as soon as possible. You might need replacements or new bearings.

5. Clunking Brake Sounds: Clunking noises coming from the brakes indicate a damaged caliper. Your car repair shop can you tell if it needs remounting or replacement.

6. Loudly Squealing Brakes: This sound is caused by dirty brake shoes, pads, or rotors. It’s a sure sign of wear that needs attention right away.

7. Grinding Brake Noises: Pads worn dangerously thin produce this worrying noise. Take the car in for service and pad replacement immediately. Your driving safety depends on it.

Miscellaneous Car Sounds

8. Hissing Under the Hood: If you hear hissing when you turn off the engine, it’s likely a sign of an oil or coolant leak. It can also mean the engine is overheating.

9. Rumbles Under the Car: A bad exhaust system can produce rumbles and rattles in the undercarriage. Your mechanic can tell you if it’s a loose pipe, corroded section, or bad muffler.

10. Firecracker Noises in the Tailpipe: Loud backfires are caused by a number of issues including an overly rich fuel-to-air mixture, bad engine timing, or even a cracked distributor cap.

We’re Ready to Listen

When your car makes scary noises, bring it into our Waite Park car repair center. Our master mechanics accurately diagnose and solve every type of automotive problem. We’re always ready to listen at any of our seven Kennedy Transmission locations, so come on by.

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