Tips for a Long-Lasting Car Battery

Extending Car Battery Life: 6 Expert Tips 

Most car batteries last for at least two years. But with these six master mechanic tips, your battery can keep you on the road as you commute from Apple Valley, MN across the entire metro area for closer to five years.

1. Keep It Secure 

Make sure the battery is secure and properly positioned in its mounting bracket. Otherwise, vibrations generated by stop-and-go traffic and uneven road conditions can affect battery terminals, causing short circuits and internal damage.

2. Clean Up Corrosion 

Car battery terminals eventually develop corrosion. Keep the buildup from shortening your battery’s life with a little DIY cleanup. Remove the cables, and scrub terminals using a toothbrush dipped in a water and baking soda mix. Spritz rinse with cool water, and dry with a clean cloth.

3. Check the Cables 

Worn or damaged battery cables cause all kinds of problems, including short circuits, internal battery damage, and slow recharge. Inspect your car’s battery cables on a regular basis, but let a mechanic take care of cable replacement.

4. Don’t Push the Battery

A car battery can keep headlights on and accessories running when the engine’s off, but that quickly drains battery power. If you’re stuck in traffic or idling for any length of time, use the same caution you would if you were parked. Turn off as many extras as possible until you’re back up to speed.

5. Test Battery Voltage

Stay ahead of potential battery failure by getting the voltage tested twice a year. You can do it yourself with a hydrometer, but always wear protective goggles and acid-resistant gloves. Most car owners are more comfortable leaving this type of maintenance to a full-service auto care shop.

6. Watch the Weather 

Our Minnesota summers are usually mild, but give your battery a break when the weather heats up. Park the car in a shady spot, and keep it in the garage during hot days. When freezing weather hits, wrap the battery with a thermal blanket even when it’s parked in a protected place.

We’re Always Here to Help 

Treat your battery right, and keep your car in top shape too. Problems like overheating or a faulty electrical system take a toll on car batteries, so drop by our Apple Valley, MN location for a little preventative maintenance. With seven shops across the state, you can count on Kennedy Transmission Brake & Auto to help you stay on the road.

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