How to Know When Your Brakes Need Repaired or Replaced

Your foot firmly presses on the brake pedal. The car slows down. With a little more pressure, it comes to a safe stop. The system that helps you control all two tons of metal is usually very reliable. But if you notice any of these common problems, it’s time to bring your car to our Shakopee, MN shop for brake repair or replacement.

Noisy Braking Action

Unless you’re slamming on the brakes to make an emergency stop, the system typically operates quietly. When the brakes start making noises during routine driving, they need attention from an auto mechanic.

  • Squeaking occurs when moisture causes rust to build up on brake rotors.
  • Squealing is a sure sign the brake pads are wearing down and need replacing.
  • Grinding noises are caused by pads worn dangerously thin that need immediate replacement.

Changing Pedal Pressure 

Pay attention to any changes in the way the brake pedal feels as you drive. If it seems too easy or too hard to push, you may be dealing with one of these common brake system problems.

  • A damaged or disconnected line causes brake fluid to leak.
  • Air in brake lines interferes with the proper flow of brake fluid.
  • Seals in a brake’s master cylinder wear out and begin to leak.

Clues From the Car 

Brake problems don’t always get your attention with loud noises or unusual pedal behavior. Sudden changes in the driving experience are often clues that you need to get the car into the shop right away.

  • A heavy pull to one side as you brake the car can mean brake failure.
  • Warped brake rotors give stopping a jittery feel, and they compromise safe performance.
  • A brake light that comes on and then goes off should never be ignored.

Staying Safe on the Road 

City driving takes a toll on brake pads, and a heavy foot on the pedal puts a strain on the system. Regardless of your driving style, stay safe by getting the brakes checked when you have the tires rotated.

If you’re concerned about your car’s brakes, stop by our Shakopee, MN shop or any of our Kennedy Transmission locations across the state. We can tell you exactly what needs to be done and often take care of brake repair while you wait. More than anything, we want you to stay safe on the road.

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