Should I Pick All-Season or Summer Tires After Winter?

As the snow and ice begins to thaw throughout Minnesota, it’s time to start gearing up for spring and shed those winter tires for something built for warmer conditions. But should you go back to using your all-season tires or try out a set of high-performance tires?

Tires for Almost Every Season

All-season tires are a misnomer because they aren’t actually designed for all seasons. However, their rubber compounds are engineered for long tread life, and they perform admirably during most spring, summer, and fall weather. However, these tires aren’t an optimal choice for the extreme Minnesota winters. Other pros and cons of using all-season tires include:

Pros of All-Season Tires

  • All-season tires provide solid traction on wet roads.
  • Most models come with prorated mileage warranties.
  • All-season tires provide solid traction on wet roads.
  • Performance features include responsive handling and a comfortable ride.
  • They work well on most vehicles including sedans, minivans, and pickups.

Cons of All-Season Tires

  • All-season models provide slightly less road grip than summer tires.
  • They’re not a good substitute for winter tires (especially in Minnesota).

High-Performance, “Summer” Tires

“Summer tires,” often called high-performance tires, are designed for precision driving. Shallow tread depth gives the tires impressive road-holding capabilities, especially during hot weather.

Pros and cons of using high-performance tires include:

Pros of High-Performance Tires

  • Summer tires easily handle the high speeds of sports vehicles.
  • Unique tread patterns minimize hydroplaning during wet weather.
  • Sticky additives in tread compounds maximize traction.
  • The tires provide excellent responsiveness when cornering and braking.

Cons of High-Performance Tires

  • Asymmetrical or unidirectional tread patterns limit rotation options.
  • Cold temperatures make the tires rigid, compromising traction and road safety.
  • Summer tires wear out more quickly than regular tires.

Find the Right Tires for Your Car

If you live and drive here in Minnesota, regular all-season tires make sense. However, if you plan on spending extended time in a hot climate, such as Arizona or Nevada, you might want to switch to summer tires. Regardless, both types of tires work well under most conditions. Keep in mind, however, that neither type of tire is designed for driving during extreme winter weather.

Before choosing between all-season or high-performance tires, check your vehicle owner’s manual for recommended tire speed rating, load capacity, and size. This information will help you decide on the best tire choice for your car. You could even switch between all-season and high-performance tires depending on your vehicle.

Let Kennedy Transmission Change Your Tires Today

Whether you drive into spring on all-season tires or like to switch to high-performance tires in the warmer months, Kennedy Transmission can help! We can help you choose a tire that’s right for your vehicle and switch your tires just in time for summer cruising. To schedule your appointment to get your tires changed, visit a Kennedy Transmission location near you, today! We’ll get you back on the road in no time.

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