Four Affordable Things Everyone Should Keep in Their Glove Box

With one quick reach, you can pull all kinds of things out of the glove box. With a little pre-planning, it can be your go-to spot for roadside emergencies. Our Shakopee, MN, auto pros recommend these four affordable essentials.

First-Aid Supplies

You hope you never need a first-aid emergency car kit. You want the security that comes from knowing you’re prepared. Make sure you can access basic medical supplies without getting out of the car.

You can buy first-aid kits that fit the glove compartment, but packing your own is simple. Fill a zippered, soft-shell case with these medical emergency must-haves.

  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Sterile gauze pads
  • Adhesive bandages
  • Burn gel packets
  • Scissors and tweezers

Emergency Light Options

Dealing with car trouble at night can be difficult and dangerous. Stay safe with lights you can grab from the glove box. A six-inch LED flashlight fits most compartments. Models with tail magnets are a big plus.

Include a headlamp in your emergency light lineup. If you must take care of roadside problems in the dark, the lamp’s powerful illumination makes it easier to work, and it makes you more visible to drivers passing by.

Compact Tool Sets

Every emergency car kit should include a small tool set in the glove compartment. Most all-in-one multi-tools are a perfect fit. These plier-shaped gadgets fold screw drivers, wire cutters, knife blades, and more into one compact unit.

Pair the multi-tool with a combination seatbelt cutter and window breaker tool. The two-in-one device helps you make an emergency exit from the car when seatbelts or doors are jammed.

Personal All-Weather Protection

There’s no reason to change a tire in the rain when you have waterproof gear in the glove box. Put disposable rain ponchos on your emergency car kit list. The all-weather pullovers are folded into pocket-sized, zip-lock bags. They’re available in bright, road-safe colors, too.

Add a pair of utility work gloves to your all-weather gear. They protect your hands while you take care of roadside repairs, and they give you a safer grip when you’re working in the rain.

Always at Your Service

We have one more tip for handling roadside emergencies: Keep our Shakopee, MN, shop’s 24-hour tow service number on your contacts list. With seven locations around the state, our Kennedy Transmission pros are always at your service.

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