What Are the Maintenance Risks of Driving an Older Car?

The old car is showing its age, but you’re not ready to part with it. It’s familiar, comfortable, and a perfect fit—and you’ve got it paid for, too. It might even last long enough to earn classic vintage car status.

Without regular auto maintenance, your favorite ride could also become a liability. Let’s take a look at the risks of driving a car with more than a few years on it.

Depreciation Is Unavoidable

You can’t stop the aging process. All old cars lose resale value over time. There is good news. With routine maintenance, that old model will cost less to drive than a new car.

Insurance isn’t as expensive. You’re not making monthly payments. If you take good care of it, an older model can save money in the long run. However, you won’t recoup its sticker price unless it’s a high-end vintage car.

You Can Get Stranded

As much as you love it, your old vehicle can break down while you’re on the road. These are just a few of the components that can leave you stranded and calling for a tow:

  • Leaking radiator hoses
  • Cracked fuel lines and fittings
  • Faulty battery connections
  • Bad alternator diodes

Road Safety Is a Concern

Without regular auto maintenance, an older vehicle can develop problems that compromise its safety on the road. The following examples are common safety issues with old cars:

  • Worn-out brakes
  • Leaking power steering fluid
  • Failing differential
  • Damaged suspension
  • Pitted headlight lenses

Repairs Can Get Expensive

Cars need additional repairs as they age. Every part built for your car has a service life, and each part is slightly different. But what is true is that the longer you drive your car, the more parts need to be repaired or replaced due to simple wear and tear.

Auto Maintenance Keeps You on the Road

A car that’s getting older doesn’t have to be a source of worry and expense. Many vehicles today are more than 10 years old. They stay on the road with top-notch maintenance provided by industry-certified auto technicians.

Driving an older vehicle always comes with some risks. But professional auto maintenance significantly reduces the chances of breakdowns, accidents and expensive repairs.

We Keep Your Old Car Running

Whether it’s a classic vintage car or just an older model you love, we know how to take care of it. With more than 60 years of experience, we work on every type of vehicle out there. You can trust Kennedy Transmission to keep your old but faithful car running and keep you on the road. We can repair that old clunker or that shiny new luxury vehicle and anything in between.

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