Safety Tips for Downtown Minneapolis Driving

If you’re not used to driving in downtown traffic, it can be a challenge. Even if you’re a seasoned commuter, navigating the central business district takes concentration. These safety tips on how to drive safely in Minneapolis, MN, can make the road smoother for everyone.

7 Downtown Driving Safety Tips

1. Look Before You Leave

Downtown driving is easier when you know what to expect. Check the latest information on construction hot spots, current slowdowns, and lane closures. Weather counts too, so tune into online traffic reports.

2. Ease Through Intersections

Not all pedestrians pay attention to flashing crosswalk signs. When the light turns green, look both ways before driving through the intersection. Give folks on foot the right-of-way.

3. Be Aware of Bikes

The far-right bike lanes on many downtown streets can catch a driver off guard. Stay alert for action in these reserved thoroughfares. Be extra careful turning corners that intersect with bike lanes.

4. Anticipate Taxi Traffic

Cabs can turn downtown driving in Minneapolis into a game of quick swerves and sudden stops. Be prepared for erratic taxi driving as cabs pick up and drop off fares. Watch out for passengers climbing in and out of ride-hailing vehicles too. If they’re focused on their smartphones, be even more cautious.

5. Stay in the Right Lane

Driving in the far-right lane can improve your time on I-35 south of downtown. You reduce the chance of missing exits and lower the risk of accidents. This smart driving strategy works in the central business district too.

6. Bring a Buddy

Driving with a buddy is one of the best safety tips for how to drive safely around Minneapolis. When a friend rides shotgun, you can ease your way into the city’s express lanes and cut down on commute time. That same buddy can also look out for trouble on the road while you concentrate on driving.

7. Be a Friendly Driver

If you miss your exit, don’t let it ruin your commute. If someone cuts you off, don’t lean on the horn. Practice good-natured courtesy as you navigate downtown traffic. A friendly driver helps everyone stay safer on the road.

Stay Safe on the Road with Kennedy

We have one more simple tip about driving safely. Safe downtown driving helps your car perform its best. Our pro mechanics are ready to help too. Just stop by our Minneapolis auto shop or any other Kennedy Transmission location across the state. We want you to stay safe on the road.

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