Safety Tips for Pizza Delivery Drivers

Pizza delivery keeps you on the road. Sometimes, it takes you out of your comfort zone. Our mechanics service vehicles just like yours at our Bloomington, MN, auto shop. We know how hard you work, so let us help with this list of seven safety tips for pizza delivery drivers.

Pizza Delivery and Driving Safety: Be Careful Out There

1. Check Your Engine

This is one of the most important safety tips for pizza delivery drivers: Keep your vehicle’s engine in top shape. Take it in to the auto shop for regular maintenance. You don’t want to get stranded on a delivery.

2. Be Sure to Lock Up

There are two solid reasons to lock your car when you make a delivery. First, it keeps out thieves who might try to steal your money. Second, it keeps out thieves who might try to steal your wheels.

3. Don’t Flash Cash

As you work a shift, watch how you handle the money. When a customer pays with cash, keep the transaction discreet. You don’t want to flaunt it if you’re carrying a lot of cash.

4. Stay on the Lookout

Be aware of the surroundings. If you think someone is following you or you don’t trust an unlit street, listen to your instincts. Call your restaurant and explain the situation.

5. Be Ready for Emergencies

Put together a first aid kit and stash it within easy reach inside the car. Show your vehicle the same respect by packing a small toolbox stocked with roadside emergency repair basics.

6. Know Where You Are

Your car might have a GPS navigation system that maps the road, but it’s important to make sure it can also track your position. If you run into trouble, GPS tracking makes it easier for emergency personnel to find you.

7. Stay Safe on the Road

Your respect for the rules of the road is a hallmark of driving professionals. Always pay attention to speed limits, and give other cars plenty of room. Your courtesy to other drivers makes it safer for you, and it helps maintain the driving safety of everyone else out there.

We Listen to You

When customers bring their cars to us at Kennedy Transmission, we listen to their concerns. We’ve put together this list of safety tips for Bloomington pizza delivery drivers based on feedback from driving pros like you. When you need work, come on down to our Bloomington auto shop and we’ll be happy to get you back to slinging pies in no time.

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