Stay Warm on Your Commute with a Functioning Heater

Winter in Minnesota is the worst time for your car’s heater to stop working, from snow storms to subfreezing temperatures. That’s why you should get the heater core inspected. If you want to learn more about your heater and common issues it may have, Kennedy Transmission is here with helpful information to get you started.

How Your Car Heater Works

The heater core is responsible for heating the car. This component sits in the dashboard and helps to send hot air through the interior vents. Turning on the heat sends extremely hot coolant to the core, providing non-stop heating on a drive. If you’re turning your car on after a long chilly night or a particularly icy day, the core may take longer to put out heat.

Reasons Why Your Car Heater Isn’t Working

It’s no fun turning on the heat only to feel freezing air, and Minnesota’s winters are very unforgiving. Don’t get stuck without heat in your car; keep an eye out for a few different factors:

  • Leaks in the cooling system
  • Your car is low on antifreeze and water
  • The thermostat doesn’t function properly
  • Your heater’s core has malfunctioned
  • The blower fan isn’t working properly

Routine maintenance is the key to preventing heating and cooling issues in your car. Heating problems rarely show up in new cars. The more miles the car has, the more likely a problem will occur.

If you want to catch heater problems early and prevent costly repairs, schedule a regular tune-up with a professional mechanic. By being proactive in maintaining your car’s systems, you can keep it and your heater running smoothly.

Get Heater Repair for Your Car with Kennedy

Don’t suffer through bitterly cold temperatures in your car with no heat. Let Kennedy Transmission take a look at the heater core and diagnose the problem. If there is a problem how serious or expensive it may be. We’ll inspect your vehicle, determine the cause, and get your heat working properly again in no time. Find a Kennedy Transmission near you and schedule your inspection today!

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