Braking Bad: When to Service Your Brakes

Winter is on its way, but driving in the ice and snow doesn’t have to be a scary proposition. Proper brake maintenance ensures you’ll be able to stop when you need to. Avoid unnecessary slips and slides with these tips from Kennedy Transmission, serving Minneapolis and other area communities.

Why We Neglect Brake Care

Local auto repair pros hear their share of horror stories related to poorly maintained brakes. Some car owners neglect this vital repair because they don’t know there’s a problem. Unfortunately, there’s no handy sticker to place on the windshield to remind you when your next brake maintenance appointment should be scheduled.

Signs You Need Brake Repairs

So, how do you know when to schedule brake maintenance? Pay attention to these indicators that there could be a problem:

  • Grinding sounds
  • Squealing noises
  • Vibrating brake pedals
  • Overly sensitive braking
  • Longer-than-usual stop time
  • Pulling to the left or right
  • Lack of resistance when braking
  • The brake warning light on your dashboard

Schedule service right away if you experience any of these issues. Your safety, and that of your passengers, is at stake. And, as with most car repairs, waiting usually makes the problem worse – and more expensive.

Schedule Routine Services Together

You may not want to wait for signs of wear before having your brakes checked. Some owners have them inspected when bringing their cars in for oil changes. Others pair brake inspections with tire rotations. Brake wear depends on traffic, terrain, quality of your brake pads, and other factors, making it difficult for auto repair specialists to recommend an inspection schedule.

Brake Repair Made Easy

It may be hard to know when to take your vehicle to the shop for brake service. However, certain signs will alert you to possible problems. From listening for odd noises to scheduling brake inspections and other vehicle services together, keeping your brakes in tip-top condition doesn’t have to be difficult. Schedule your next appointment with the auto repair specialists at Kennedy Transmission in Minnesota so you’ll be prepared to stop on a dime anytime.

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