Busted: Maintenance-Free Myths

If there’s one thing that stands true at Kennedy Transmission, it’s that we take pride in each and every vehicle we service. Whether it’s a simple oil change, a tune-up, or more in-depth services, we make sure to go over everything with a fine-toothed comb to ensure you’re driving off in a safe vehicle. And while it makes sense for our technicians to have that mindset, not every driver does.

The truth is there are several mistaken perceptions among Minnesota and North Dakota drivers – especially when it comes to the reliability of their vehicle. We’ve come across many people who think that modern cars are more reliable. Therefore they don’t have to be serviced as often. And sure, there are quality surveys that show there are fewer problems with new cars than ever before. But that doesn’t mean drivers can ignore routine services.

Simply put, if you want to make the most out of your vehicle, you need to take care of it. That’s why we’re breaking down some common myths about routine maintenance so you can make sure you’re getting your money’s and miles worth.

Myth: I don’t need to get my car serviced as often because it’s newer.

Truth: No matter how old or new your vehicle is, you need to get routine check-ups.

Keeping up with factory-scheduled maintenance will not only help your vehicle perform better, but it will return better fuel economy. Not only that, but newer vehicles have much more sophisticated engines, which means they need proper lubrication to function. By keeping up with routine services like oil changes and tune-ups, you can avoid sludge buildup, which could lead to engine failure.

Check your owner’s manual to see how often they recommend you get your oil changed, as it varies from vehicle to vehicle. Also, talk to your Kennedy Transmission technician to get their take on how often you really should be changing your oil. You may be surprised to find out you can safely squeeze plenty more miles out of your vehicle than you thought, saving you time and money.

Myth: I can change my vehicle’s fluids on my own.

Truth: Leave it to the experts.

Changing things like your brake or transmission fluid may not seem like a big deal, but it is to us. First, modern vehicles require more complex and sophisticated fluids. That’s because there are several different types of materials used to make auto parts – like aluminum, steel, and plastic. At Kennedy Transmission, we are required to use fluids with additives designed to protect those parts from corrosion. If you dump just any type of fluid into your vehicle, you could be causing corrosive damage – not preventing it.

Myth: Premium gasoline will help my vehicle run better.

Truth: If your vehicle requires premium gasoline, fill it up with premium gasoline. If your vehicle requires regular gasoline, don’t waste the money.

Simply put, if your car doesn’t require premium gasoline to run, it’s not necessary. While it’s true that you’re not doing any harm to your vehicle, you’re also not doing it any favors. The only difference you’ll notice is your bank account emptying more quickly.

However, if your vehicle requires premium gasoline, it’s important that you stick to that. Filling up with a lower grade can be harmful and cause a lot of damage. The best way to be sure about the kind of gas you should be using is to refer to your owner’s manual or consult a car dealership.

Myth: I need to get my regular maintenance done at a dealership.

Truth: You can get your vehicle serviced at any shop you feel most comfortable with.

Many people assume they need to get work done at a dealership because those technicians specialize in your vehicle. While that may be true, there are several other trusted shops out there with technicians who are just as educated and experienced with all different types of vehicles – including yours. If you’re worried about your warranty, just simply ask your auto shop if they offer approved services that are under factory warranty.

When it comes to routine maintenance, you can trust the technicians here at Kennedy Transmission & Auto Service. We believe in maintaining the health and safety of your vehicle, which means always taking care of the little things to prevent big problems down the road.

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