Technician Training at Kennedy Transmission

How We Train Our Technicians

When you need an auto mechanic in Minnesota, you want the most expert service available. Becoming an expert requires extensive training. With so many different parts and systems in your car, it’s important that your technicians are prepared to handle whatever work you need. We always train our mechanics at Kennedy Transmission to ensure they get the job done right. Find out how our technician training makes us the best in the business.


The Skill That Goes into Automotive Service

Engineering advancements have made our vehicles better than ever before. Today, we have more powerful engines, better fuel economies, and increased safety and efficiency through onboard computers. But, while they improve performance, they also make your car’s mechanics much more complex. There’s a lot that goes into servicing a vehicle – specifically, an understanding of the machinery and technology within it.


The Training Our Technicians Undergo

We make sure our technicians are knowledgeable about a wide range of automotive parts and mechanics, and this involves quite a bit of training. The following are a few of the types of training done by our technicians at Kennedy Transmission:

  • Formal classroom education
  • Online courses
  • Home study courses
  • Hands-on training
  • Training from manufacturers and our service center


Equipment and Parts Training

Part of our technician training involves teaching them how to use specialized equipment. Each service has a checklist of standard procedures so our mechanics know the procedure and corresponding equipment inside and out. We subscribe to data centers to stay up-to-date with manufacturer-recommended parts and fluids, and we also inform technicians about laws regarding proper part and fluid disposal.


Diagnostic Training

When you go to the doctor, you expect him or her to tell you what’s wrong. You list all of your symptoms and they magically know what to do. Well, your mechanic is the same way – you expect them to know what’s wrong with your car to fix it – except mechanics’ patients can’t use their words. All the automotive training would be useless if our technicians didn’t know how to spot a problem first. That’s why we thoroughly teach them inspection and diagnostic methods. This includes following industry standards, like when your radiator fluid or serpentine belt needs to be replaced, as well as interpreting issues based on sounds and your description of symptoms.


Kennedy Transmission’s Technicians: Committed to Be the Best

Extensively trained in diagnostics, equipment, and procedures, our technicians at Kennedy Transmission are the best at what they do. We only want experts working on your vehicle – after all, that’s what you want too. To get automotive services from our well-trained technicians, find your nearest location and contact us today.

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