Your Car’s Spring Checkup Checklist

With warmer weather on the way, it’s the perfect time to get your car out of winter mode and ready for the road trips, late night drives, and rainy days that spring weather in Minnesota is sure to bring with it. This spring maintenance checklist from Kennedy Transmission will help you get your car ready […]

5 Tips for Driving Safely on Winter Roads

There are few sights more beautiful and serene than freshly fallen snow in Minnesota. However, the wonder that comes along with it can quickly fade when you realize you have to hit the road for work, errands, or to visit family and friends during the holiday season. The average annual snowfall in Minnesota ranges from […]

How Road Salt Affects Your Vehicle

Winter is tough. Snow, icy roads and frigid temperatures in some parts of the country can make the season seem to last an eternity. Even if you enjoy a little snow, there’s one thing you probably don’t love: the damage road salt can do to your vehicle. Learn about its effects and what you can […]

4 Things You Need to Put on Your Fall Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

Here in Minnesota, everyone loves the beautiful fall weather. Officially, autumn stays with us through the end of December, but the forecast can take a frigid turn into winter without warning. That’s why now is the best time to organize your fall auto maintenance checklist. Discover our Kennedy automotive professionals’ tips to help get your […]

Your Fall Car Care Checklist for College

From football games to bonfires and cool evening drives, there’s plenty to love about fall as a college student! However, if you’ve brought a car with you to college, take a moment to consider its performance and health as we head into the colder months of the year. At Kennedy Transmission, we’ve put together a […]

5 Ways to Keep Your Engine from Overheating

If you live in a place prone to extreme summers, you’ve either heard of, or had to deal with your car overheating. It’s a problem that can make travel difficult and, in the worst cases, shorten the lifespan of your vehicle. Fortunately, once you understand what causes a car to overheat, there are actions you […]

How to Prep Your Car for Summer Road Trips

Everyone enjoys planning a summer getaway. The escape can take you anywhere from the Great Lakes to the Grand Canyon. You may even make your way west to the Pacific Coast or down south to the Gulf of Mexico. No matter where your journey takes you, be sure to remember the all-important road trip car […]

How to Prepare Your Car’s A/C for Summer Heat

Summer weather is officially rolling in, and staying cool is always a top priority for your commute. Whether it’s your daily drive to the office or a long-anticipated trip to the beach, keeping cool in your car can help make travel even better. At Kennedy Transmission, we want to make sure that your car is […]

Why Your Car’s Suspension Matters

We’re finally turning the corner on another long Minnesota winter. Everyone looks forward to spring, but no one enjoys driving on roads dented and cratered by freezing weather. By now, you’ve probably hit enough bumps and ruts to be concerned about pothole damage to your car. It might be time for car suspension repair, but […]

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