4 Things You Need to Put on Your Fall Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

Here in Minnesota, everyone loves the beautiful fall weather. Officially, autumn stays with us through the end of December, but the forecast can take a frigid turn into winter without warning. That’s why now is the best time to organize your fall auto maintenance checklist. Discover our Kennedy automotive professionals’ tips to help get your car ready for the change in seasons.

1. Check All Fluids

Call it coolant or antifreeze, it’s an important part of fall car maintenance. Checking engine oil is an essential routine too. You should also give some pre-winter attention to your transmission fluid and differential fluid.

Freezing temperatures cause vehicle fluids to thicken and move more slowly through the engine block and axle housing. Making sure all fluids are topped off boosts engine performance and improves cold-weather mileage.

2. Inspect the Engine

Every seasonal car maintenance checklist should include an engine inspection, especially in the fall. A close examination of engine components can identify potential wintertime problems. For example, damaged metal parts can constrict during icy weather. Worn gaskets can turn brittle, and faulty fuel nozzles can freeze.

If you know your way around the different components, pay special attention to belts, chains, and pistons. If not, let certified auto technicians take care of your car’s fall engine checkup.

3. Confirm Battery Condition

Winter driving shouldn’t include slow starts, dim headlights, and backfires. Prevent battery issues by making sure your car’s battery, terminals, and cables are in good condition.

Look closely at the battery case. If you notice leaks or cracks, don’t take chances. Call Kennedy Transmission and let our pro mechanics handle your battery repairs or replacement.

4. Inspect All Lights

When you’re driving through a winter snowstorm, you want to clearly see and be visible to other drivers. Your visibility depends on how well your car lights perform, so light inspections always belong on your vehicle maintenance checklist.

Make sure your headlights work on both low- and high-beam, and clean the lenses. Inspect fog lights, turn signals, taillights, and brake lights. Ask a friend to watch rear light tests for proper operation and brightness.

Let Kennedy Transmission Help You Prepare For Winter Weather

One of the best fall vehicle maintenance tips saves time, money, and repairs? Let our certified auto technicians take a look under the hood. If you’re ready to get the car ready for winter, find a Kennedy Transmission shop near you today.

  • Quick Turnaround: You don’t have to head out for supplies, dig into the toolbox and designate an afternoon for DIY car maintenance. Our service centers handle everything.
  • Valuable Savings: We offer online budget-friendly coupons, discount promotions, and everyday specials.
  • Peace of Mind: You don’t worry about how the car will hold up to the season’s first freeze. You know the engine is ready for extreme weather. That’s real peace of mind when you’re navigating winter highways.

It’s our pleasure to share pro tips that keep you safe on the road, ready for all kinds of weather. If you’d like to schedule a fall maintenance checkup for your car, contact us online or give us a call.

With seven locations in and around the Minneapolis metro area, Kennedy Transmission Brake & Auto Service is just around the corner. We’re here for you year-round.

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