Your Fall Car Care Checklist for College

From football games to bonfires and cool evening drives, there’s plenty to love about fall as a college student! However, if you’ve brought a car with you to college, take a moment to consider its performance and health as we head into the colder months of the year.

At Kennedy Transmission, we’ve put together a brief car maintenance checklist to help you start the fall semester off with confidence that your ride is in the best shape it can be.

Oil Changes

The first item on our car checklist is one of the most common things you’ll replace on any vehicle: your oil. Though newer, high-efficiency engines and high-quality oils don’t need oil and filters changed as much as in older models, it still benefits you to check on your oil life.

You need oil to keep your car’s moving parts well-lubricated and healthy. Neglecting an oil change as part of back-to-school car maintenance can lead to engine failure—a devastating and costly issue for any vehicle owner.

Headlight Repairs

The next stop on our car maintenance checklist is your headlights. Even having one busted headlight can drastically reduce your level of vision and put you in danger (especially at night). What’s more, it’s also illegal. If your headlight goes out, your number one priority should be replacing it as soon as possible.

Driving with a broken tail light is also illegal. Without two properly working tail lights, you increase the chance of a vehicle behind you not recognizing that you mean to stop or turn, causing an accident.


If your brake pads or some other aspect of your brake system wear out, the consequences could be serious. Ensure you have the time and ability to stop when the situation commands it by maintaining your breaks.

Generally, brake pads need to be replaced every 50,000 miles, though that’s subject to change. If it’s been a while since yours were changed, this should be a top concern before you take your car away to college.

A General Car Inspection

Though we’ve listed some of the biggest concerns, there’s always merit in taking your car in for a general inspection. A professional may catch something you didn’t know was wrong (low fluids, low air in tires, failing battery, etc.) that create a problem during your time at school.

Get ahead of those issues with back-to-school car maintenance at Kennedy Transmission in Minnesota. Our team is ready to help kick off the fall semester with the safety and confidence that your car is performing at its best. Whether it’s oil, headlights, brakes, or something else, we’ll take care of you and your car.

Find a Kennedy Transmission near you and schedule your inspection today!

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