Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Car

Between the weather warming up, the sun staying out longer, and the leaves returning to the trees, it’s hard not to love the start of spring. As the calendar turns and the flowers begin to bloom, many people take the opportunity to clean up around their homes in hopes of better optimizing their surroundings and […]

New Car vs. Used Car: What’s the Advantage?

Few purchases you make in life will be more exciting than a new set of wheels. Whether you’re buying your first car, looking for a replacement, or simply want to change it up, hitting the road in your new ride provides a thrill that’s hard to beat. While it is undeniably fun, buying a car […]

How to Have a Safe Spring Break Road Trip

Few things in life will give you as much of a rush as heading out on a road trip adventure. Watching through the windshield as the country changes around you is an experience that’s tough to put into words, but a feeling many have enjoyed and continue to chase. While it’s easy to enjoy a […]

Tips for Buying a Used Car

Whether you’re an experienced driver looking for an upgrade or a teenager shopping for your first ride, the process of purchasing a used car is thrilling. Excitement builds higher and higher as you browse, as you begin to imagine yourself sliding behind the wheel of every potential match and hitting the open road in your […]

How to Prepare Your Car for a Winter Road Trip

Whether you’re traveling for the holidays or just taking a journey to enjoy the wider winter world, you need to take care when you’re driving in the winter. From maintenance issues to the ice and snow, being prepared for your journey can be significantly different in winter than during the summer. Though winter travel can […]

How to Maintain Your Car for Maximum Resale Value

As inflation continues to rise, so does the necessity of many individuals to cut costs in their lives, many times in the two biggest expenses: housing and transportation. In fact, the sale of used cars has increased twice as much as new cars in the United States. Worldwide, car buyers are three times more likely […]

Braking Bad: Know When It’s Time to Service Your Brakes

As a vehicle owner, you probably don’t spend much time thinking about the inner workings of car brakes and their day-to-day functions. When they’re working properly, they slow down and stop your vehicle by turning kinetic energy (the movement of your wheels) into heat energy through friction generated by applying your brakes to the wheels. […]

Your Complete Guide to the PCV Valve

It’s no secret that regular maintenance is an important part of keeping your vehicle in its best condition. While you make it a priority to stay on top of oil changes, what about the more forgotten parts that are essential to keeping your engine running? The professionals at Kennedy Transmission want to keep you tuned […]

How to Maximize Fuel Efficiency

Longer days, warmer weather, and summer break from school is a perfect combination for packing up and hitting the road. However with increasing gas prices, you may find yourself limited in the distance you can cover with your budget. Before you make a change of plans, consider making a change to your driving habits. With […]

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