Winter Driving Tips for All Vehicles

How to Prepare for Winter Driving Minnesota weather is famous for being cold and snowy. While a good snowfall may be pretty and fun, but it can also be treacherous. At Kennedy Transmission, we’ve seen plenty of cars damaged by accidents. While it’s not possible to totally avoid the potential for accidents— especially in winter—there […]

How to Troubleshoot Car Heater Problems

You’re on the road for a few minutes before you notice a chill. You realize the car heater isn’t working. This frosty scenario makes driving on a cold day miserable. It’s a problem our Kennedy Transmission car mechanics take care of every winter here in Minneapolis, MN. What makes a good heater go bad? It […]

Basic Vehicle Parts Under Your Hood and What They Do

What Is All This Stuff Under the Hood? When you receive regular maintenance on your car, like oil changes and tire rotations, most mechanics also perform a multi-point inspection. And most likely, you trust them to tell you if something needs replacing or anything is wrong with those weird boxes, wires, and tubes under the […]

How to Know When Your Car’s Electrical System Is at Fault

Whether you drive an older vehicle or the latest model, its electrical system keeps you on the road in Forest Lake, MN. When system components fail, they generate a wide range of car problems. Be on the lookout for these six common signs of electrical trouble under your hood. Car Lights Don’t Operate Properly Headlights, […]

How Can I Avoid Buying a Lemon?

You know routine car repairs are a fact of ownership life, but you’re ready to trade in the old model. You’re not ready to turn the used car buying experience into a waste of hard-earned cash. Waite Park, MN, auto dealers offer so many attractive options. How do you choose the right vehicle and avoid […]

What Is a Differential and How Can It Cause Problems?

If you’re like most drivers in Bloomington, MN, differential problems don’t top your list of routine car repairs. Still, the components that help keep your wheels on the road can develop serious issues. Head off differential trouble by getting to know the mechanism a little better with some information from Kennedy Transmission. What and Where […]

Does My Car Need an Oil Change?

An oil change has always been a basic part of auto maintenance. It should be a simple job, but today’s cars can make it seem complicated. If you’re not sure about the details, our Minneapolis, MN, auto experts can help. Reference Your Owner’s Manual That little handbook in the glove box is full of information […]

Do I Need to Take My Car to the Dealer for Maintenance?

You hear great things about the independent auto repair shop just down the road. Still, your warranty is good, so your original car dealership doesn’t charge for routine maintenance. Which option here in Apple Valley, MN, is best for your car and your budget? Before you make a decision, ask yourself these important questions about […]

Are Used Cars Actually More Expensive After Maintenance Costs?

You’re pricing used cars in Shakopee, MN. You’re looking at new models too. Are you throwing away cash on an older car that might need extra maintenance? How well do new wheels hold their value? Let’s look at the pros and cons. Plenty of New Car Pros Just walking around a showroom makes the car […]

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