How to Know When Your Car’s Electrical System Is at Fault

Whether you drive an older vehicle or the latest model, its electrical system keeps you on the road in Forest Lake, MN. When system components fail, they generate a wide range of car problems. Be on the lookout for these six common signs of electrical trouble under your hood.

Car Lights Don’t Operate Properly

Headlights, brake lights, and turn signals that don’t operate properly are definite signs of electrical problems. These are just a few of the reasons car lights begin to dim or flicker:

  • A loose alternator belt
  • Battery terminal corrosion
  • System charging problems

Startups Get Noisy

Noisy startups often indicate car problems that are a direct result of faulty wiring. Clicking noises might be caused by an insufficient current flow to the engine. A bad starter can produce grinding sounds.

Startups Are Too Slow

You can usually blame the car’s battery for sluggish startups. When this important component malfunctions, it doesn’t draw the proper amount of current needed to start the electrical system. The problem could be old battery cables, terminal corrosion, or loose connections.

You Notice Sluggish Acceleration

When worn components stop working together efficiently, they generate less electricity. You notice a decrease in engine power, an increase in exhaust and a dent in mileage. These system breakdowns are typically to blame:

  • Damaged or loose spark plugs
  • Faulty wiring or loose connections
  • Bad gaps between plug electrodes
  • A failing ignition coil

The Car Keeps Blowing Fuses

Fuses protect wiring to the engine’s control unit and cooling fans. If a fuse overheats or melts, it’s one of those car problems that’s easy to solve. Fuses that blow over and over are sure signs of electrical trouble under the hood.

Burning Smells Are Always Bad

When an electrical component malfunctions, it affects the way your car handles. It impacts mileage, too. When a failing part gives off a burning smell, you could be risking a dangerous engine fire and expensive repairs. Never ignore burning or chemical odors. Take the car to your mechanic right away.

We Solve Electrical Problems

Figuring out the source of your car’s electrical trouble isn’t easy, but our list can you get started. Our master mechanics pinpoint and solve electrical system problems in all types of vehicles all across Minnesota. If you suspect an electrical problem in your vehicle, don’t delay: contact our Forest Lake, MN, auto repair shop today!

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