How Can I Avoid Buying a Lemon?

You know routine car repairs are a fact of ownership life, but you’re ready to trade in the old model. You’re not ready to turn the used car buying experience into a waste of hard-earned cash. Waite Park, MN, auto dealers offer so many attractive options. How do you choose the right vehicle and avoid buying a lemon?

Rev Up Your Research Engines

Learn all you can about a prospective car by using its make, model, and year as input data for online research. Look for information on dealer invoice prices. Dig into the car’s accident history by searching for its vehicle identification number.

Check out online sites that provide vehicle reliability history by make and model. Technical service bulletins are excellent resources for filling in the blanks about car maintenance issues specific to different manufacturers.

Go Full Throttle With Inspections

The FTC requires dealers to display car buying guides on vehicles for sale. Take a close look at that information posted on the car window. If it’s offered as-is, be very careful. With or without a warranty, every used vehicle deserves this 3-point inspection process.

Check Out the Outside

  • Be wary of chipped paint or signs of paint overspray.
  • Look for mismatches or gaps between body panels.
  • Test suspension by pushing down hard on fenders.
  • Inspect tires for signs of wear or bad alignment.

Assess the Interior

  • If the car interior smells rusty or moldy, it’s probably a lemon.
  • Sagging seats, a cracked dash and flimsy floorboards are all bad interior signs.
  • Be cautious of aftermarket interior gadgets that can add to the cost of car maintenance.

Put a Pro Under the Hood

Be willing to invest a little in your car buying strategies. Hire an independent mechanic to go over the vehicle. If the dealer won’t agree to this arrangement, it’s best to move on to a seller who has confidence in his or her products.

Let Our Auto Specialists Take a Look

Most reputable car dealers offer 90-day warranties on used vehicles. These guarantees should protect you from buying a lemon—but be sure to read the fine print. If you have any doubts, let our auto specialists take a look at the warranty.

We’ll check under the hood for possible car maintenance problems too. You’re making a big decision. Our Waite Park, MN, service center can help. Kennedy Transmission is always at your service with multiple locations across the state.

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