Top 3 Most Common Car Repairs in Minnesota

Should you try to fix it yourself? Once you’re under the hood, that DIY job can get complicated. It’s usually easier and safer to leave the work to the pros at your local auto shop. These are the three most common car repairs in Minnesota that our certified technicians take care of every day.

Brake System Repairs

The braking system in your car is critical to safety on the road. When one component goes bad, it affects the integrity of the entire system. Fixing a blown brake line is one of many common expensive car repairs. Fortunately, brake issues are usually limited to these less-costly problems.

  • Pads – Worn down or very dirty
  • Rotors – Warped or uneven
  • Boosters – Internal diaphragm failure
  • Calipers – Locked pistons
  • Anti-lock Systems – Worn wiring or sensors

Starter System Repairs

When you think of common car repairs, replacing a dead battery probably comes to mind. It’s critical to the starter system, but the battery isn’t always your source of startup problems. These are a few examples of starter system components that can fail.

  • Terminals – Heavy corrosion buildup
  • Cables – Loose terminal connections
  • Relays and Fuses – Worn or blown
  • Starter – Faulty wiring
  • Spark Plugs – Damage from overheating
  • Drive Belts – Worn or loose
  • Alternator – Bad diodes

Fluid and Filter Replacements

Replacements aren’t technically repairs, but they can help you avoid common expensive car repairs like rebuilding a transmission. These are just a few problems solved with routine fluid and filter maintenance.


  • Transmission Fluid – Engine overheating
  • Differential Fluid – Steering problems
  • Engine Oil – Wear and tear on engine
  • Engine Coolant – Overheating especially during summer months


  • Fuel Filter – Lower performance, bad fuel economy
  • Air Filter – Engine problems, extra fuel consumption
  • Oil Filter – Surface and internal engine damage
  • PVC Filter – Improper airflow to engine
  • Cabin Filter – Outdoor pollutants inside the car

Our Auto Pros at Your Service

It’s always easier to head off common car repairs with the help of certified mechanics. Our pros here at Kennedy Transmission are a great source for information that keeps you on the road.

Whether it’s a question about your starter system or advice on the best oil for your car, we have the answers. With seven Minnesota auto shops, we’re always just around the corner and at your service.

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