Should I Get an Extended Car Warranty?

When you’re buying a new or used vehicle, research matters. You want a ride that fits the budget and comes with a car warranty you can count on. Should you buy an extended warranty too? That’s an important question that needs an answer before you close the deal. Kennedy Transmission has experience working with all kinds of vehicles, and we have some answers.

Do I Need an Extended Warranty?

Whether you call it an extended service contract or vehicle protection plan, an extended car warranty adds to the final purchase price of your new or used vehicle. The contract covers unexpected repairs after the original warranty expires. Every extended protection plan contains detailed information about coverage.

Before you make a decision, consider your options, and read the fine print. Keep these pros and cons in mind.

Extended Warranty Pros

  • Extended warranties make it easier to handle repairs when the home budget gets tight.
  • You can often negotiate the cost of an extended service contract and get a better deal.
  • If you drive long distances, you’re covered past mileage limitations on the original warranty.
  • Some major breakdowns can cost more out of pocket than the price of extended coverage.

Extended Warranty Cons

  • You’re paying several thousand dollars for an extended car warranty that you may never use.
  • Extended warranties don’t usually cover routine maintenance like oil changes and tune-ups.
  • You may need the issuer’s approval and authorization before arranging to take care of repairs.
  • Many extended warranties require paying for repairs out of pocket and waiting for reimbursement.
  • You’re purchasing coverage now that you can always buy at some point in the future.
  • Most extended warranties limit your repair options to one dealer or authorized facility.

What Is Predicted Reliability?

Are you still wondering, “Do I need an extended warranty?” A little research online and locally can make a big difference in your final decision. For example, several independent review sites rate different vehicles according to each model’s predicted reliability. Scores are based on consumer feedback about car maintenance and repairs.

You can also check with local automotive service centers. Their certified technicians take care of all makes and models every day. They can give you an honest assessment that isn’t influenced by dealer or brand loyalty. You come away with a better idea of how reliable that new car might be.

Warranty or No Warranty, We’re the Auto Repair Experts

As you weigh new or used car warranty options, take your time. Drop by one of our seven Minnesota auto shops, and talk to our auto pros. We’re always happy to share information that helps you make smart driving decisions. When you need straight answers, you can count on us here at Kennedy Transmission.

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