Car Repair and Maintenance Tips for Rideshare Drivers

As a Lyft driver or Uber driver, you know how important it is to stay on the road. As long as you’re rolling, business is good and customers are happy. Keep profits and ratings up by taking care of your wheels with these 10 simple car maintenance tips for rideshare drivers from the Minneapolis-St. Paul area car repair experts at Kennedy Transmission.

Stay On Top of Car Maintenance With These Tips

1. Read the Manual

Use your owner’s manual as a reference for maintenance routines, but keep mileage in mind. For example, you probably need to change the oil more often than the manual recommends.

2. Be Fair to Your Tank

Constantly topping off the tank damages your car’s evaporation separator. Routinely running on near-empty overheats the fuel pump. Figure out a gas-stop schedule that keeps your tank at least half full.

3. Check Your Fluids

Weekly car maintenance should always include a fluid check. Take a few minutes under the hood to confirm oil, transmission fluid and coolant levels. It’s a cost-effective strategy for minimizing repairs.

4. Listen to the Brakes

Brakes that squeal, squeak or grind make a bad impression on customers. The noise is also a warning sign that it’s past time for a brake inspection.

5. Upgrade the Tires

Consider investing in better tires. Your riders will enjoy a more comfortable trip. You’ll enjoy wheels that hold up to heavy mileage. Don’t skip weekly pressure and tread checks.

6. Ensure a Reliable Start

Make battery inspection part of your regular car checkup routine. Look for clean terminals and snug-fitting cables. This maintenance tip makes sure you always get off to a good start.

7. Keep Everything Clean

It’s your place of business, so keep the car clean. Regular washing keeps body paint and trim from getting dull. Spotless interiors make a better impression on customers.

8. Watch the Calendar

Keep your rideshare operation rolling year-round with seasonal car maintenance. Coolant level checks make summer driving easier, and snow tires keep winter driving safer.

9. Trust Your Intuition

Whether you’re a Lyft driver or an Uber driver, you know your car. When it doesn’t sound, feel or drive right, take it in for a checkup. That small investment can save the expense of major repairs.

10. Trust Your Mechanic

Connect with auto service pros who understand your line of work. They’re a reliable source for car maintenance tips specific to your model and replacement parts that fit your budget.

Let Us Keep You on the Road

As a rideshare driver, you’re more than a part of the gig economy. You’re a professional driver, and we respect that. Stop by any of our Kennedy Transmission service centers. Let us help you keep your customers happy and your business on the road. Our professionals are always at your service.

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