Your Guide to Better Fuel Efficiency

Every time you make a trip to the gas station, you’re likely to have one thing on your mind: the price of fuel.  Since we do a lot of driving in Minnesota, the concern is valid. But gas prices don’t have to break your budget. In fact, by taking steps to be more fuel efficient, you can limit how much you spend while also conserving resources. At Kennedy Transmission, we know all the secrets, and we can help you take back control of your gas tank.

Drive with Care

The first – and easiest – thing you can do to enhance your fuel economy is to go easier on your car when you drive. Think of your vehicle like a runner: the harder you run, the quicker you are to get thirsty. You can improve fuel efficiency by doing these two things:

  1. Slow down: You may be tempted to floor it when the light turns green or you’re passing someone, but it eats up a lot of gas. The same goes for driving at high speeds in general. While you’re probably eager to get to your destination, slow and steady wins the race when it comes to gas efficiency.
  2. Travel light: Going easy on your car also means limiting your load whenever possible. The more you carry, the harder your engine must work, and the more gas you’ll use to get where you want to go. This includes roof racks or storage; they not only add weight, but they also add drag and hold your fuel economy back as a result.

While costlier, you may also consider buying a new, more fuel-efficient vehicle. Though they sell for more than regular cars, hybrids are a great option if you want more MPG. Obviously, a purchase this big isn’t an immediate option, but it’s something to keep in mind for when the time comes.

Maintenance Turns into Savings

You can also improve your fuel efficiency by getting regular maintenance done to your vehicle. Everything from your tires to your air filters affects your fuel economy. By keeping everything in optimal working order, you’ll keep your car running efficiently and save some gas money in the process. Most of these tasks are routine and should be performed anyway.

The following services have shown to improve fuel efficiency:

  • Replacing a dirty air filter (try a high flow air filter)
  • Replacing spark plugs
  • Changing your oil
  • Flushing your cooling system
  • Cleaning your fuel system
  • Servicing your front and rear differentials and transfer case
  • Replacing your PCV valve and breather element
  • Realigning your wheels
  • Increasing tire pressure to recommended amounts

Make the Most of Your MPG with Kennedy Transmission

To improve your fuel economy, it’s best to follow recommended service intervals. At Kennedy Transmission, we’re ready and willing to perform routine maintenance for any job you need. Once completed, you’re likely to notice longer durations between gas fill-ups as you drive throughout the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area.

Find your nearest Kennedy Transmission service location to complete maintenance and start saving time, money, and resources. Your more fuel-efficient vehicle will certainly thank you.

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