The Side Effects of a Cooling System Not Doing Its Job

If you’re like most drivers here in Minneapolis, your auto maintenance routine includes checking the radiator’s coolant level. It’s a small job that only takes a minute, but it’s easy to put off unless you think about the consequences. The auto experts at Kennedy Transmission can help you stay motivated.

How Good Cooling Systems Go Bad

When your car’s cooling system develops trouble, you usually know right away. As the needle on your dashboard temperature gauge moves into the danger zone, the check engine light comes on. When smoke starts billowing from under the hood, you pull over and turn off the car. What can make a good cooling system go bad?

  • Failure to check the radiator’s coolant level
  • Low coolant level due to radiator leaks
  • Old coolant that lets rust form in the radiator
  • Radiator fan fins clogged with debris
  • A badly set radiator cap or worn cap seal
  • Water pump failure or pump belt slippage
  • Engine block, water pump, or heater hose leaks
  • An engine cooling fan blocked with debris

How Overheating Damages Your Car 

Burned Pistons: Overheating can burn and melt holes through the top of pistons. Diagnosing this problem is a hands-on job, and piston repair or replacement means disassembling the engine.

Damaged Head Gaskets: When overheating damages these seals between the cylinder head and engine, your mechanic has to remove the engine head to access the gaskets.

A Seized Engine: That loud, clunking noise as the engine shuts down is always a bad sign. Cooling system failure can cause engine failure that can only be fixed with expensive repairs or complete replacement.

A Cracked Engine Block: Fixing a damaged engine block is expensive, and it’s not always successful. It takes an expert mechanic to determine whether a cracked block can handle repairs or needs to be replaced.

How We Can Help 

Advanced automotive technology keeps improving engine performance, but it doesn’t eliminate the need for regular auto maintenance. It’s hard to find time in a busy schedule for taking care of the basics, and that’s how we can help.

We’re always here for you at our Minneapolis auto service center. Our pro mechanics handle everything from regular engine maintenance to major repairs and replacements. With seven locations across Minnesota, Kennedy Transmission proudly offers total car care you can depend on.

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