The Serpentine Belt: Your Car’s Vital Multitasker

One of the most oddly named components of your car is its serpentine belt. Named after the way the belt snakes around several parts of your engine, the serpentine belt provides a broad scope of functions to ensure your engine performs well. Being such a critical part of your car, however, means the serpentine belt deserves an extra amount of care and attention.

At Kennedy Transmission, you can depend on our team of experienced automotive service and repair technicians to keep your serpentine belt and other components of your car properly maintained. Discover why your serpentine belt is so important and how we can help you take care of it today.

Why Your Serpentine Belt Matters

Winding its way around underneath your hood, the serpentine belt supports many critical components. If your serpentine belt isn’t performing properly, it can create a domino effect that harms other parts of your car. Common accessories that rely on the serpentine belt include:

Each of these functions is imperative to making your car perform well. If a serpentine belt breaks while you’re driving, it’s important to pull over as soon as you can; otherwise, you’re risking very serious engine damage and a much more costly repair.

Even Tough Belts Wear Down

Manufacturers know how important your serpentine belt is—that’s why it’s built to last. With all things car-related, however, wear and tear and replacements are inevitable. The serpentine belt should be included in your manufacturer’s recommended service interval schedule, but a visual inspection is all you need to determine if it needs replacement ahead of time.

Some signs that it’s time to replace your serpentine belt include:

  • More than three or four cracks per inch
  • Deep cracks through more than half the width of the belt
  • Fraying and missing pieces
  • A shiny, glazed surface

Your serpentine belt’s lifespan varies based on your manufacturer, driving use, and operating conditions. If you hear a squealing noise when accelerating or a slapping sound when idling, it may be time to check the belt. Not sure if your serpentine belt is making noise? One of Kennedy’s expert service technicians can take a peek for you.

Keep Your Serpentine Belt Slithering with Kennedy Transmission

When your serpentine belt needs to be replaced, we’ve got your back. Just bring your car to one of our automotive repair and maintenance shops in the Minneapolis metropolitan area. We’ll remove the old one and fit a new one in its place. We will also adjust the tensioner pulley to prevent the belt from slipping off.

Find your nearest Kennedy Transmission service location to get in, get out, and hit the road with a functioning serpentine belt for many miles to come.

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