Regular or Severe: Which Maintenance Schedule You Should Follow?

You hear all the time about the importance of a consistent maintenance schedule for your car. But what you may not know is that it should depend on the circumstances in which you drive. Because of this, there are two types of maintenance schedules, each adjusted for the kind of driving you do: regular and severe. As Minnesota’s auto repair experts, we have the scoop on both, and we’d like to help you choose the right one for you.

Reasons to Go with a Severe Schedule

You may think a severe schedule would only apply to extreme driving habits, like off-roading or racing. But, in fact, it’s more for vehicles that start and stop a lot; for instance, if you get caught in Twin Cities’ traffic. That’s because your engine can’t heat up enough to evaporate the water in your oil; without which, your oil breaks down quicker than normal. But basically, anything that prevents heat from building is going to require a severe maintenance schedule, including:

  • Short trips
  • Low speed
  • Cold weather

Things like frequent dust and dirt also warrant a severe schedule. When they get into your engine area, they’re too much for your air filter, slipping past it into your fuel system and contaminating your oil. In addition, if you carry heavy pickup loads – or frequent IKEA’s furniture section – it makes sense to be on a more intensive maintenance schedule, as all of the weight requires more heat and uses up fluids quicker.

A Severe Schedule’s Maintenance Impact

Your service schedules are listed in your vehicle manual, typically listed as Schedule 1 and Schedule 2. After you determine which one is best based on the type of driving you do, you want to adapt to that schedule immediately. But it’s also good to know exactly what types of maintenance are affected by this change in schedule.

Due to driving conditions, here are a few things that a severe schedule typically requires more often:

  • Changing your oil and fluids: When fluids quickly break down or get used up, you need them replaced more often.
  • Replacing your air filter: If rough terrain or pollution are getting through your air filter, it needs to be swapped out more frequently.
  • Servicing your transmission and brakes: With increased wear and tear on your transmission and brakes, they should be checked on a more regular basis.

Stay on Schedule with Kennedy Transmission

The key to a long-lasting and well-functioning car is upkeep. That means sticking to a maintenance schedule – and specifically, one that fits your driving habits. Whether you’re on a regular or severe schedule, Kennedy Transmission is your auto repair and maintenance go-to in Minnesota. Find your nearest shop with our shop locator to get started.

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