Lighten Up: Tips for Maintaining Your Headlights and Taillights

Each winter, you adjust to the sun going down a little earlier. You get used to turning on the car lights earlier, too. It’s a gradual transition, so you don’t always notice when your headlights start to dim. Our master mechanics handle taillight and headlight repair for Forest Lake, MN drivers every day, and we want you to stay safe. We share these five tips for making sure you always have a clear view of the road.

Routinely Check Lighting Operation

A burned-out headlight or taillight isn’t always obvious when you’re behind the wheel. Regularly check both sets by parking, turning on the lights, and walking around the car. Minimize unexpected blackouts on the highway by replacing bad taillights or headlights in pairs.

Make Sure Lights Are Aligned

Headlights are designed and installed to aim in the exact same direction. Rough roads, potholes, and curb bumps eventually cause lights to become misaligned. Check car light alignment by parking in front of a closed garage door and turning them on. If the beams don’t line up, take the car in to your local auto service center for headlight repair.

Keep Front and Back Lights Clean

Don’t rely on trips through the car wash to keep headlamp assemblies clean. Dirt build-up over bulbs and housing reduces illumination. Wipe down front and rear lighting with a damp microfiber cloth once a week.

Restore Cloudy, Yellow Lights

Headlight lenses are made of highly durable polycarbonate plastic, but the sun’s UV rays eventually degrade the material. Car exhaust and smog also oxidize the plastic and cause yellow or cloudy lenses. The problem impacts nighttime driving safety, and the value of your car takes a hit, too. You can go the DIY route with a headlight restoration kit or have them replaced at your auto service center.

Consider a Headlight Upgrade

Optimum illumination on a dark road improves nighttime vision, and that makes a big difference in your safety and reaction time. Consider investing in headlights that upgrade your nighttime driving experience.

Keep Those Lights On

With routine cleaning and a little care, you can count on your car lights shining safely year-round. If you come across a lighting problem, let our Forest Lake, MN auto pros solve it. We’re always happy to help you keep the lights on with expert taillight and headlight repair at any of our Kennedy Transmission locations.

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