Keep Your Car Running Smoothly Through the Minnesota Winter

Winter is coming. Are you prepared? That depends – is your vehicle ready to take on the freezing temperatures and snowy, icy conditions? Keeping it in good shape is the best way to get through the upcoming season, and that requires a little bit of winter car care. Fight off our harsh Minnesota winters by staying on schedule with routine maintenance, as well as fortifying your vehicle against the weather.

Catch Up on Maintenance

Maintenance is important to stay caught up on no matter the time of year, but especially during the winter. Follow your recommended service intervals; if you’ve been falling behind or don’t always stick to it, this is a great time to get on track. Cold weather wears more on your engine, as well as other parts. It makes your vehicle harder to start, decreases your battery output, and causes your brakes to squeak.

The best thing you can do before winter hits is get your oil changed. Regardless of the weather, it’s key to a long-lasting vehicle. Replace dirty filters, as they’ll only make it more difficult for your engine, and make sure your brakes and tires are in tip-top shape to avoid sliding on ice. Also, get your cooling system flushed; working coolant doesn’t only prevent overheating, but freezing as well.

Defend Against the Elements

The benefits of routine maintenance are large during the winter, but there’s more you can do to prepare. The following parts also deserve some care as the cold season approaches.

  • Tires: Inflate, replace, or rotate your tires. Your engine already has to work hard enough in the cold, and weak tires only make it harder.
  • Wipers: Replace your wipers with ones that have rubber-clad blades, designed to fight the build-up of ice.
  • Heat/defrosDefroster sure your heater is working properly to keep you warm and prevent a foggy windshield.
  • Gas tank: Add fuel deicer to your gas tank, and prevent gas from freezing when the temperature plummets.
  • Emergency kit: Carry an emergency kit with you. Include winter items like gloves, blankets, an ice scraper, first-aid, and a flashlight.

Brave the Winter with Kennedy Transmission

Winter weather is something we’re all used to in Minnesota, but it’s easy to forget about the goodwill of our vehicles this time of year. Stay on top of things with winter car care, preparing it for the coming months and keeping it in good shape as the weather takes hold. Kennedy Transmission offers automotive services to get you through the winter. Find your nearest shop to get started.

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