How to Prepare Your Car’s A/C for Summer Heat

Summer weather is officially rolling in, and staying cool is always a top priority for your commute. Whether it’s your daily drive to the office or a long-anticipated trip to the beach, keeping cool in your car can help make travel even better. At Kennedy Transmission, we want to make sure that your car is ready to face the heat. Read on for some tips on how to maintain your car’s A/C system for the summer—and beyond.

Replace Your Air Filter

Changing your air filter is a crucial step in maintaining your car. A clean air filter doesn’t just provide greater air quality inside the car while the A/C is on. It can also improve your fuel efficiency on the road. Getting your air filter checked out before that big summer road trip is a must!

Get a Slow Start

It may be tempting to pre-cool the cabin by turning your car on and cranking the fan all the way up before you are ready to leave, but it can put unnecessary wear and tear on your car’s A/C. Air conditioning works better while you are driving. As the engine turns faster, the A/C compressor runs faster, which is much more efficient and less stressful for the cooling system.

Starting the fans on a lower setting before gradually working them up to full power also helps prevent overworking the cooling system before it is ready. If your car is overly hot when you get into it, start driving and open up the back windows for a few seconds to let the hot air can escape. You’ll be feeling cool in no time!

Check Your Vehicle’s Fluids

Getting your vehicle’s oil and other engine fluids checked is a staple of general car maintenance, and getting your refrigerant replaced should be no exception. If your car isn’t blowing cool air like it’s supposed to, it may be time to get your refrigerant (also known as freon) levels checked. 

It’s best to get your A/C system recharged every two years by a qualified professional. Even if you are handy at replacing other fluids in your car’s engine, bringing your car into the shop is your safest choice. Freon’s potentially harmful and the degree of difficulty in changing this fluid could quickly become a struggle on your own. 

Keep it Cool (Even When It’s Cold)

It may sound strange, but running your car’s air conditioning year-round can be good for maintaining your cooling system. Running the air conditioner for 10 minutes each week—even in the winter months—ensures that the proper fluids and gas pressure in the A/C compressor remain stable. When warm weather returns, you and your A/C will be ready to go.

Trust Kennedy Transmission for Your Car’s A/C Maintenance Needs

If you are having problems with your car’s air conditioning, Kennedy Transmission is here to help! Our certified mechanics are trained to quickly diagnose your vehicle’s cooling system and fix it at an affordable cost. We can also inspect your air conditioning to ensure there aren’t any problems brewing.

We will always provide a cost repair estimate before we work, so you know exactly what to expect. With locations ranging from  Waite Park to Forest Lake, we’ve got your automotive repair and maintenance needs in the Minneapolis metropolitan area covered. 

Schedule an appointment at your nearest Kennedy Transmission today!

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