Examining Your Car’s Electric Ecosystem

As we’ve come to rely on electrical components in our everyday lives, it’s easy to take your car’s electrical systems for granted. However, if you neglect for too long, you could be leaving yourself open to the risk of expensive auto repairs. Discover how you can take care of your car’s electronic ecosystem with Kennedy Transmission Break & Auto Service.

The Computer

This network holds your car’s electrical ecosystem together. Most vehicles manufactured after 1995 rely on a Controller Area Network (CAN). The CAN is a series of wires, sensors, and software running throughout a car. It’s also in charge of electronic control units (devices that manage electrical elements), and it acts as a self-diagnostic system. How smart is the average CAN?

  • It directs communication between different electronic control units.
  • The CAN network continually circulates critical data.
  • Processing power can handle up to 2,000 signals.
  • It all works without a routing system or central hub.

When the doors lock as you pull out of the driveway, that’s just one of a thousand examples of your car’s computer system doing its job. The network keeps everything running smoothly and keeps you safe on the road.

While every car is different, there are a few things that they all have in common, including:

The Starter

Whether you turn the key, or push the ignition button, the starter turns on the engine. Your car’s starter may be located on the back of the engine or on the front of the transmission. Its performance depends on pulling the correct amount of electrical current.

The Alternator

Your alternator generates the current that recharges the battery. It also helps with other electrical loads across the system. A loose alternator belt can reduce electrical output and run down your battery.

The Battery

Most drivers understand how a car battery stores and supplies power to the electrical system. However, it also takes over when loads exceed the alternator’s supply. Car batteries should be replaced every two or three years.

The Distributor

The distributor lives up to its name by distributing voltage to engine cylinders and allocating spark plug current. Replacing the distributor cap and rotor can significantly improve engine performance.

Repair Your Car’s Electrical System with Kennedy

Maintaining your car’s electrical system isn’t as easy as changing the oil. When you need the best automotive repair and maintenance mechanics in Minnesota, swing by any of our Kennedy Transmission locations. You can find us in Forest Lake, Apple Valley, and more. For quality auto service and repairs, you can depend on Kennedy’s team.

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