All About Fuel Injectors

When it comes to the health of their vehicles, most Minnesota and North Dakota drivers probably don’t think about fuel injectors. That could be because they don’t understand what they do, how they function, or even what they are. At Kennedy Transmission Brake & Auto Service, we believe it’s extremely important and valuable to know and understand how your vehicle functions – even down to parts like fuel injectors. This will not only help you have a long-lasting vehicle, but it will prevent future repairs that can take a toll on your wallet.

That’s why we’re providing a guide to break down what fuel injectors are, how they function, and why it’s important to have them regularly serviced.

Fuel Injectors: The Basics

In the simplest terms, a fuel injector is a valve that delivers gas to your car or truck’s engine. The engine computer then makes sure the fuel is going to the right place, at the right timea wide number of vehicles. It functions similarly to a carburetor and isn’t as efficient as systems that have developed since.

  • Multi-Point Injection: Also known as a port or multi-port fuel injection, this system has a different injector for each cylinder. Most modern vehicles use this type of fuel injection system today.
  • Direct Injection: Although these types of systems are more commonly found in diesel engines, these are becoming more popular in gas engines as well. As the name implies, this system injects fuel directly into the cylinders using hundreds of times the pressure of port injection systems. That means the injection process is much more precise, which helps with better fuel economy.

Keep it Clean

Keeping your fuel injectors clean is extremely important in order to keep your vehicle healthy. There are a number of factors that can lead to dirty fuel injectors, which could result in a number of problems. Things like high temperatures under your hood and the quality of gas you put in your vehicle can cause a buildup of wax, dirt, and carbon. When that happens, your fuel injectors can become partially clogged, which prevents them from delivering the proper amount of fuel at the right amount of pressure. As a result, your fuel doesn’t burn as efficiently, which can lead to bad fuel economy or complete loss of power.

It’s important these parts of your vehicle are regularly checked and cleaned because there are a lot of ways for fuel to become dirty or contaminated between the gas tank and fuel injector. If your fuel injectors aren’t kept clean, you could end up having to replace them, which ends up being very costly.

Pro Tip: Using higher quality fuel can help keep your fuel injectors cleaner for longer periods of time.

Great Service Starts at Kennedy Transmission

So how exactly do you keep your fuel injection system clean? It problems starts with routine maintenance at Kennedy Transmission Brake & Auto Service. Our skilled technicians can perform a fuel system service for you, which includes cleaning your fuel injectors, as well as replacing your fuel and air filters.

When it comes to cleaning your fuel system, we only use state-of-the-art chemicals that are safe yet effective. Sometimes a cleaning also includes some good old fashioned scrubbing. Above all, we do a thorough check of your fuel injector system to ensure everything is clean and there’s no harmful buildup or deposits.

Getting proper maintenance on your fuel system will lead to a healthier, long-lasting vehicle. It also means you’ll spend less money on gas while prevent expensive repairs down the road. Let our knowledgeable technicians help along the way. Find your nearest service center to schedule an appointment today!

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