5 Keys to a Longer Lasting Vehicle

Vehicles don’t last forever, but with a little upkeep, they last a lot longer than you’d think. For many people, a car is one of the biggest investments they’ll make. That’s why it’s critical to keep your car in as strong a shape as possible. Still, it’s easy to say you’ll get maintenance done “down the road,” but by continually putting it off, your car may end up with long-term issues.

At Kennedy Transmission, we understand how hard it can be to maintain a well-functioning vehicle – especially if it’s used or has been running for a long time. However, good vehicle longevity mostly comes down to following service intervals and, when the time comes, replacing ineffective parts. 

Discover how you can extend the life of your vehicle with the following five tips from Kennedy Transmission.

1. Keep Up with Your Oil Changes

This may seem obvious, but holding to your oil change schedule is the most effective way to get your car to last. Oil is your vehicle’s lifeblood, providing lubrication to your engine and helping its parts work effectively. Without consistently changing your oil, sludge will form, and clogged passages will prevent oil from circulating throughout the engine.

2. Service Your Cooling System

Like your oil, your coolant must be replaced regularly. Coolant protects your engine from overheating or freezing, and it circulates through many parts of your cooling system (radiator, water pump, etc.). Over time, this liquid becomes corrosive and may cause damage to your radiator and other parts. Service your cooling system routinely to safeguard your engine and keep your cooling system in working order.

3. Service Your Transmission

Even if your transmission is automatic, you can’t forget to change its fluid. Transmission fluid lubricates and cleans your transmission. Additionally, your transmission’s filter prevents unwanted particles from infiltrating and harming its parts. Get your fluid and filter replaced regularly to preserve your transmission and keep it running smoothly.

4. Replace Worn Parts

While oil, coolant, and transmission fluid do a lot to protect their corresponding systems in your vehicle, sometimes your car’s parts will break down from normal wear and tear. By getting worn parts replaced, you can protect your car’s most important systems and extend its overall life. Some of these parts include the serpentine and timing belt, air and fuel filters, PCV valve, and battery.

5. Wash and Clean It

You want your vehicle’s appearance to reflect how well it runs. To preserve its body and protect its finish, wash it regularly. Also, use cleaners and protectants to improve the appearance of your interiors and tires. After all, you’ll be even more proud to drive a long-lasting car if it looks good.

Brighten Your Vehicle’s Future with Kennedy Transmission

Like an annual checkup at the doctor’s office, routine maintenance for your vehicle ensures it’s in good physical health. It’s the biggest step in making sure your car or truck lives a long and productive life. 

The amount of work you need done might seem overwhelming at first, but Kennedy Transmission is here to offer advice and plan out the services you need. With experienced technicians and top-notch service, we’re the go-to place in Minnesota for your next automotive job.

Find the shop closest to you with our shop locator and keep your car on the road with Kennedy Transmission.

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