10 Services Drivers Often Overlook

10 Services Drivers Often Overlook

Vehicles are complex, mechanical instruments with a lot of working parts. Often, we remember the most important things to keep the car going in the short term: filling the gas tank, checking tire pressure, and getting the oil changed. But maximizing the life of your car really depends on keeping everything in sync and in working order, and finding a local repair shop you can trust.

So today, Kennedy Transmission is showing you 10 services that are important in maintaining the life of your car but often are forgotten amidst a lengthy to-do list.

1. Power Steering Service

You probably know what your car’s power steering does, but did you know that it relies on what’s called power steering fluid? Most of us have never had to drive without power steering, so it’s often taken for granted. Without this device, turning your car would be strenuous. While we’d all have great triceps, it’s not particularly appealing. Over time, sludge builds up in the power steering system, as well as normal wear and tear that affect your ease of steering. A power steering service will make steering more effective and prevent expensive repairs down the road.

2. Wheel Alignment

It’s no secret that tires are expensive. The weight of your car rests on four moving wheels that could make or break your driving experience. A lot goes into the upkeep of these investments, including replacing them every few years, checking the pressure gauge, and getting a wheel alignment once or twice a year. This service will prevent your vehicle from pulling to one side, which wears your tires faster. In addition, aligned wheels will make your car more fuel efficient and safe on the road.

3. Differential Service

When turning a corner, it’s important that your tires can spin at different rates to account for the unequal distance traveled. Your car’s differential has a lot to do with this seemingly simple action. The differential transfers power from the engine to the wheels on your car. Much like the engine, the differential needs oil to lubricate gears – and just like motor oil, differential oil needs to be replaced to prevent detrimental build up or metal to metal contact. If you’ve been neglecting this service, don’t fret. Differential oil needs maintenance far less than a regular oil change. But if you haven’t checked it in a while, now could be the time to stay in the clear.

4. Cabin Air Filter

If you like breathing clean air, we highly suggest this service. Like any other air filter, this purifies the air inside your car by catching dust and pollen. A dirty filter can cause an unpleasant smell and intensify allergies.

5. Timing Belt Replacement

Your engine has multiple valves that open and close. Like a heart that sends blood throughout the body, the engine uses these valves to send power to the various parts of your car. This synchronization of valves depends on the timing belt. Think of it like a rubber band – over time it can become old, dry, and weak, and eventually snap. And if that happens, it could end up causing costly engine damage.

6. Transmission Service

The transmission shifts the gears on your car, which allows you to change speeds. If you’ve ever driven a bike with gear shifts, you know how important this process is. Automatic and manual cars have transmissions that help improve gas mileage and keep your car in working order. Replacing a transmission altogether is an expensive service, so it’s best to keep this machine maintained.

7. Air Conditioning Service

While it may not seem necessary in Minnesota or North Dakota, it always seems like you need a working air conditioner when you least expect it. A nonworking air conditioner won’t cause engine damage, but without regular maintenance, the components can be ruined – leading to permanent system damage.

8. Brake Service

You probably already know to get your brakes checked when they start screeching or grinding. But brake fluid is also an important feature of your car’s brake system that can often prevent that easily identifiable brake damage. Over time, this fluid gets water in it, which displaces the correct fluid and corrodes brake system components. If this isn’t addressed, your brakes will become less effective – leading to dangerous driving conditions.

9. Coolant System

Keeping your coolant system in shape is important, even in the winter. Coolant, or antifreeze, prevents freezing, lubricates the water pump, and prevents rust from forming in the system. However, you’ll need to keep the pH levels in check. If the coolant becomes acidic, it can eat holes in the radiator or hoses.

10. Fuel System Cleaning

Fuel economy is an attractive trait in a car. Over time, the fuel in your gas tank can produce sediment that gums up and block the flow of fuel from the tank to the engine. As important as it is to keep your cholesterol low to keep your arteries clear, it is also important to get your fuel system cleaned. This service will increase your car’s efficiencies to save you money.

Extend the Life of Your Car with Kennedy Transmission Brake & Auto

As with any vehicle, it’s perfectly common to see normal wear and tear. And while these all seem like minor impairments, they can cause devastating and costly destruction over time. That’s why it’s important to get your car checked and properly maintained at your local Kennedy Transmission Brake & Auto Service shop. These essential services will not only extend the life of your car, but they’ll ensure you stay safe on the roads.

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