What must I do to keep the Agreement valid?

In order to ensure that your Kennedy transmission is working properly, you must stop back within 14 days to have the transmission double checked free of charge. Failure to stop in for the recheck and have the Agreement validated will void the extended coverage. You should also check the transmission fluid on a monthly basis and watch closely for any leaks. Please notify us if any problems occur. You must return to the original store for all repairs performed under this Agreement. This is a local service Agreement.

Your Agreement also requires that your transmission be serviced once a year. You have a 60-day grace period (30 days prior to 30 days after) around the anniversary of your service date or 20,000 miles to bring your vehicle back to your Kennedy Transmission, Brake & Auto Service shop for an annual service at the then current “Service Special” price. The service includes changing the fluid and filter, replacing the pan gasket and making any necessary adjustments.

Annual service must be performed and proof of service must be maintained (see back of the extended service agreement); Failure to do so will render the service agreement null and void.

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