Should You Fix Your Car or Trade It?

Anyone who has driven for at least 10 years knows exactly how much the cost of gas can fluctuate. At times it skyrockets to the highest levels seen, and other times we experience a relief from the high prices. Knowing this, then, should you trade in your old car for a new one with better gas mileage? Will it actually end up saving you money over time?

*Pro Tip: In the “Expected increase per year” field, keep in mind that recently, in one year gas prices fell 23 percent. The number you put in here will depend on average costs in your state, which can be found here.

If you find out that it makes more sense to fix your car than trade it, use the tips below the calculator to help improve the gas mileage of your current car. When you’re ready to fix it up, give your local shop a call to schedule a diagnosis.


Fix-it or Trade-it Calculator

Find out what your true cost-per-mile is before you trade in your car for something with better gas mileage. You might be surprised to learn that your current car actually costs less to drive than a replacement.

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