Automatic-Transmission Fluid Checks And Changes

When to Check and Change Your Transmission Fluid

A big majority of transmission failures result from not doing proper fluid checks and changes. Maintaining the correct auto-transmission fluid level and changing the fluid when it becomes old are the primary transmission-maintenance functions you should perform.

When should you check your fluid?

You should check your fluid each time you have general maintenance performed on your car. This means that during oil changes, tire rotations, and other yearly tune ups, the transmission fluid needs to be checked. At Kennedy, we’ll do that for free. If you have an automatic transmission, you can do it yourself using our handy step-by-step “How To.”

When should you change your fluid?

Kennedy Transmission recommends an annual fluid change for most driving practices. We believe it’s important to do it this often because, in our geographic area, it’s considered “severe” driving conditions so it’s a lot harder on your car. Plus, folks around here do a lot of hauling and other activities that require more frequent fluid maintenance.

A Tip about Your Transmission Filter:

Your vehicle’s transmission has a filter to catch and hold small particles of contamination, just like the engine has a filter to keep the engine oil clean. A transmission filter can act as a type of “screen” that can be cleaned and reused, or it can be “fabric” that has to be replaced when dirty. A professional transmission-maintenance shop will only recommend filter replacement when it is observed to be sufficiently dirty as to restrict fluid flow. For screen filters, it’s important to note that if you need that changed, it’s most likely because you are having significant transmission issues that need to be addressed.

If you need a transmission flush or fluid top-off, give us a call to schedule service now!

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