Warning Lights You Don’t Want to Ignore

These days, cars are essentially four-wheeled computers. And just like their desktop counterparts, it seems like we experience a new warning light each week. Most of the time that “Check Engine” warning is just telling you to tighten your gas cap, so how do you know when you need to heed the suggestion?

The easy answer: Always.

The issue with the warning lights is that they are meant for the driver to take them to a professional to diagnose, so they may not be entirely clear to you. Because of this, we offer an affordable diagnosis so you won’t rack up a bill each time.

Here are some common warning lights you may see on your dashboard:

Kennedy Warning Light Icons 01

Check Engine Light

Also called a Malfunction Indicator Light, it means that the engine is telling your car’s computer that something is wrong and it needs to be checked.

Kennedy Warning Light Icons 02

Transmission Temperature Light

Transmission issues may cause the fluid to get hot, which should trigger this warning light. We’ll make sure your transmission fluid level is good, as well as your engine coolant level.

Kennedy Warning Light Icons 04

Service Vehicle Soon Light

If this light comes on and stays on, it may mean you have a bulb out somewhere, as this warning light is controlled by the computer that maintains your electrical system. Check all your bulbs and if they’re working, you will need to bring it in for diagnosis.

Kennedy Warning Light Icons 01

Reduced Power Warning

This might mean that a component of your engine computer has failed and it’s not putting out as much engine power. This will require professional help.

Whatever warning light you are seeing, we can fix that! We’ll start by determining if all of those sensors in your car are working, find out which ones are giving us fail signals, then figure out a plan of action.

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