Diesels Have Come a Long Way

It’s well known that our overseas neighbors in Europe favor diesels far more than we do in the United States. In fact, around half of every passenger car in Europe has a diesel engine. Which means that the car makers in America end up creating a range of diesel engine cars specifically to be shipped overseas.

In Minnesota, it’s required that any diesels sold in the state contain biodiesel. And we rank about 23rd out of every state for the number of passenger vehicles that have adopted the latest in diesel technology.

Facts aside, there’s still a lot of misinformation and confusion about diesel engines that we’d like to clear up.

Facts About Diesels in America

  1. Diesel engines don’t just apply to trucks. Many passenger cars now come with options for a diesel engine.
  2. This has come about because diesel fuel no longer contains a high sulfur content, resulting in much cleaner fuel.
  3. Diesel engines are actually more fuel efficient, getting around 20 percent more miles per gallon.
  4. Diesel engines are still associated with the black smoke emissions and rattling. Now, they’re much smoother, quieter, and are actually cleaner-burning than gas engines.
  5. Acceleration using a diesel engine has improved drastically. They’re now just as quick to “go” as gasoline engines.
  6. Diesel engines are longer lasting and sturdier than gas engines because their parts are heavier.
  7. Diesel cars will soon become hybrids, meaning that just as gasoline cars can use electric to offset gas us, so too will diesels. This further bridges the gap of efficiency.


Problems Associated with Diesel Engines

While diesels have come a very long way, there are a few things you’ll need to know if you purchase this type of engine. First, filters and other items on the car have to be checked and changed more often. Make sure you follow your maintenance schedules to the “T.”

Another common issue with diesels is that keeping the fuel injection system clean is a higher priority. When you come in to Kennedy Transmission Brake & Auto Service for scheduled maintenance, we can check on cleanliness levels and advise you when you need to get it cleaned.

If you’re currently experiencing issues with your diesel engine, don’t wait! The experts at Kennedy Transmission are well-versed in diesel engines and can discover your problem in no time.

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